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How Do You Organize CD's?

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Something must have gone wrong some where?

Our Council Boy Scout Training Chair. Just phoned and asked if I would help out with the training this weekend.

I gave my "Training Box" to the fellow who took over from me as Council Training Chair.

I know I made copies of everything.

I just spend the last 20 minutes going through CD's.

Store bought CD'S are easy to keep track of. I can read the title on the spine.

My problem seems to be the ones that don't come with cases and the ones that I burn myself.

As a rule I either write on the disk what it is or just print a address label and stick it on.

This works fine, but when they stand on their side, you have to go through the entire pile to find ( or in this case not find!!) What you are looking for. In my case this is several hundred.

I don't think they make enough different color cases for that to be much help and the cases I have been buying (mainly on sale and black) don't have spines.

I really like jump drives and they are coming down in price, but even with them you have to plug them in to see whats on the drive.

OJ, has started putting some things on memory sticks(they are not allowed to bring CD's to put on the school computers) I'm not sure how he does it?? But with them getting bigger, that might be the way to go.

I hate going through stacks of disks -Especially when what I'm looking for isn't there.


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Most of the CDs that I have use I keep in a CD book. I've got several, one for backup CDs, one for software used for my business, another contains nothing but graphics I've purchased over the years.


Memory sticks are great. And they are getting more and more capacity. But they are also easy to lose, and you can't burn a copy for someone.


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Well played, Trev! ;)


Eamonn, the notebook style CD holder works well for organization, saves TONS of space, is more portable, and looks better if they have to be stored in view. Even better, for functional CDs like training, etc. buy packs of CD pages (4 or 8 CDs to the page) that can be put in all your training ringbinders - so the CD is stored with the associated print material.



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The vast majority of my CDs are contained in the old Jewel Box type case and have a half inch or so spine width and a label which has a spine section too.


The newer thinner CD cases have virtually no width so yes, when stored similar to books in a book case, no way to tell what is what.


So now with various flash memory devices (i.e. memory sticks), CDs, PDAs, and such to store data it does get confusing. I keep my music, data, and video (photos) CDs separate.

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I use a subdivided notebook. You can get ones that hold 4 or 6 CD's per page. they usually have a clear front so you can see the label. Then I organize by topic & date... For example, all the photos are together, all the training material is together, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then I use a LIFO (Last In, First Out) type organization...the most recent stuff is in the front.

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