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In the thread that this message was spun off from it was stated that adult leaders had brought a bag to a campout that had a whiskey makers name on it.

Lets assume for this post it contained a deck of cards.

I thought that this was not really appropriate for a scouting event. I would never think about taking anything to a scout event that referenced a name of a adult beverage or tobacco. But I have seen leaders wearing coats with the name of tobacco companies on them, coolers with beer manufactures on them and what not.

Of course I would not wear a shirt that advertised a soda manufacture either. Yes, I know this could be taken as extreme.


It just seems that we could find better things to bring to a scouting event.




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Smoking and tobacco use is under a lot more attack than when I was a scout 30 odd year ago. Even so, I remember questions at board of reviews asking what I thought about our leaders using tobacco during scout events and the role modeling it protrayed.


Tobacco use is addictive and harmful. Those who use tobacco don't always see the negatives. It hasn't killed them yet so what's all the fuss? The reasoning may also include tobacco and alcohol use is illegal for any boys of scout age so use of these products is no different that driving but not allowing a minor to drive.


Logos and advertising seems to be on everything. Try and find a plain T-shirt with no lettering, messages, advertising, or logo.


Personally I strive to purchase items without logos, advertising or message on them for all my uses. During any scout activity, I wear my uniform as much as possible. Usually it is a scout related T-shirt but just as often it is my dress uniform shirt. My outer wear is without logos and such.


I try to lead by example in wearing neutral or BSA branded items during scout activities. I don't use tobacco any time and do not use alcohol during or immediately before any scout activity.


I believe that the parents would expect that of a leader and I want to show the best example I can to the scouts. I am fortunate in that all the leaders of my unit act in a similar manner.

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I do not now, nor have I ever smoked. However, back several years ago when a "major tobacco company" was running a "Miles" promotion, I did take advantage of my smoker friends and collect the said pieces to obtain items. Among these were a tent, sleeping bag, duffel bag, binoculars and canteen, all of which are still in very good shape and getting plenty of use by Boy Scout Nephew. HOWEVER, as a family we feel that the "advertising" on these items is inappropriate for the Scouting atmosphere. So, to that end we make use of the handyman's secret weapon. All offensive labels are covered over with a healthy serving of silver or camo duct tape. This works for us. A Scout is thrifty - buying another set of things we already have would not be very thrifty in my opinion. Duct tape is a far more cost effective option.





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I do smoke and do enjoy adult beverages.

I do follow the BSA guidelines.

Having been in the business of selling alcohol, I have boxes of t-shirts with different advertisements on them. All brand new. I'm not a great lover of t-shirts and would not wear a shirt to a Scouting event which promotes tobacco or alcohol.

I do have shirts with logos on. Some have Rhino while others have polo or gator on. My jeans have Levi's or Lee.


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Anyone wear a football or baseball team cap at camp?


I don't really care if you do. It shows who you are to some extent.


Religious items. Who wears a little cross on a chain around their neck?


Are you allowed to wear your military ribbons on your uniform shirt? We are. Pilots wings? Special forces para wings?


Who is a democrat - as in card carrying? Do they have printed shirts?


I do not wear any of those things. Some apply to me and some don't. If you want to wear them i don't care. But I want the Scouts to look at what I do and how I do it - not at what I support. But then again my uniform has certain badges on it that I have earned in Scouts as an adult. Wood Beads for instance. What makes those messages alright but the other badges not okay? I think that it is that the uniform contains recognition of what I have done in the Scout realm. I could and do do the things that earned those badges at any given moment.


A lot of young people wear brands to 'adopt' a particular image that may or may not really illustrate their abilities and beliefs. Deaf metal band logo's come to mind. Is that who they are or what they want to be? I still don't care if they wear them. Scouting challanges our character and abilities. The truth will out regardless of what you wear at the start. Besides mud covers even the most glaring logo.


I fear that this discussion might soon be snapped onto by the political forum fanatics. Lets hope that this yarn does not dive into extreme hypothetical what if's.

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When I started packing for my first summer camp with the boys, I found that every one of my T-shirts advertised alcohol. I used to race yachts and every t-shirt I had was from the regattas. Rum and beer manufacturers sponsored many of the events. Really didn't realize it until then. I had to head down to the Walmart and buy some blank shirts.

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Ahh the Crown Royal bag! When I was a kid I kept my marbles in a Crown Royal bag! No one ever questioned where I got it or what was in it. Times have changed! In this instance, it's a sad thing. In others, change is good.


What is my value? I would suggest you ask the Scouts & other leaders in your unit. They would be a better gage on that.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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When I was a Scout, I kept my patches in a cigar box. I took that cigar box to the Jamboree and a lot of other Scouting activities and never heard a word of protest. Come to think of it, I've never thought about it until this thread. (I still have the cigar box, but these days I keep my patches in plastic zip-locs.)

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I feel that any reference to products or behaviors/values that are counter productive to the instruction & guidance of our scouts should be left at home & never be allowed at any scouting activity...Period.


I have my own history of bad habits and I understand those that struggle with them, but there is no way these would be displayed to our very impressionable young men & women (venturing) at any of my activities that I am responsible for. We are the example that they look up to & we have a greater responsibility to display the highest moral character we can to them. Review the things that B-P said about those things and remind your fellow leaders of that.


My advice....leave the references to those things in the dumpster. We must consider the code that we promised to live by. If your going to be a leader, lead with Character. I agree those things don't belong at campouts. Best of luck..... Owl

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We had a deck of cards, some dice, and a travel Yahtzee game in a Crown Royal bag - and as I recall, we never had a bottle of Crown Royal in the house anytime I was growing up - we probably got the bag from a neighbor - they were (still are) the perfect small bag for carrying little things in - and after all, a Scout is Thrifty. No one ever made a big deal out of the Crown Royal bags, and duct tape over the logo wouldn't be able to hide the origin of the bag from anyone since it's a pretty unique bag. When I read the thread this was spun from, my first reaction wasn't that there was a bottle of Crown Royal on the table (I mean really, does anyone actually drink that stuff? I'd almost be willing to lay odds that the only reason it sells is so people can get the bag - but then that's gambling and gambling has no place in the Scouts either) but that it was the bag holding the cards and poke chips. Not to beat the gambling thing any deader but I'd bet that 90% plus of us thought the same thing.


As for advertising t-shirts, I just don't wear them. I wonder what the demographics involved are. In my wanderings around, I've tended to notice that adults and youth in urban and suburban settings are more likely to wear store branded t-shirts - like Gap, Old Navy, Abercrombie, Hollister, Nike, etc. or fashion house branded t-shirts like Tommy Hilfiger, FUBU, etc. I've noticed that I'm more likely to see adults and youth in more rural areas (including isloated cities of 100,000 or so) wearing Nascar t-shirts, or branded freebies from tobacco and liquor companies. Any one else ever notice the same?


Personally, I've taken a page from the Cosby Show from the 1980's and the t-shirts/sweatshirts I wear are mostly college branded or are from state/national parks. I usually visit one or two college bookstores while I'm traveling on vacation, mainly the smaller and unique private colleges like Berea College (Kentucky), Lincoln Memorial University (Kentucky), College of the Atlantic (Maine), College of the Ozarks (Missouri), Northland College (Wisconsin), and of course my own Alma Mater - Unity College (Maine). Sure, I have to purchase them, but I figure the money goes to support our wild lands and educational institutions.



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Gern You Heretic!


All right thinking people KNOW GOD intended T-Shirts to be WHITE!


Fruit of the Loom are the most orthodox


HANES BEEFY T are best reformed


Jockey are a bit mainline


BVD fundamentalist








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One way to avoid this: Annually make troop t shirts. Have the kids come up with the design and make it an every year thing. Our troop has been doing this since 1992 and now i have a whole dresser drawer full of them, so when it comes to needing t shirts for camping its a no brainer which go into the pack, the kids and families look forward to it as well.

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