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i ( along with my ASM) am in charge of planning the red & white. we are going for a camping theme. i need ideas for decorations and places i could get decorations. i alos need a skit that is kinda new, but isnt too childish. if you could help me out, id apprectiate it. I need help IMMEDIATELY, as it is this coming weekend.





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What, pray tell, is a "Red & White"?


Here's an idea for a camping skit:

The stage is set for a backpacking trip.


Everyone overstuffs their backpacks and even carry extra items in their hands to the meeting point with the SM, whose pack is packed light. The SM explains that they're going on a ten mile hike and they should only bring what they absolutely need. A couple of the boys drop a FEW things, but keep the bulk. The SM asks if they've removed all unnecessary gear, to which the boys reply "Yes". The Patrol begins the hike and every so often one asks "How much further is it?" After hearing the SM's reply "We've gone another 50 feet (or whatever distance you want to use), so we only have 9 miles 5,150 (or whatever comes next) feet to go.", they remove another item. When you finally get to the campsite, all that the boys have left are the "REAL" essentials, which get pointed out to the audience checklist-style.

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The skit I came up with above could be entertwined with a second skit "Leave No Trace". The idea would be another patrol coming through their campsite in the opposite direction, picking up all of the discarded "junk" from the first patrol. If the "Junk" is electronics and other "good" stuff, the "Leave No Trace" patrol gets a bonus for their good deed of keeping the forest clean.

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As for a skit, this is a start, alter it to fir your troop


Scout 1: Hey Walter (or other name), how are you doing?


Scout 2: Fine, You know I really like the outdoors, but I miss being in touch with music


Scout 1: Yeah, I know what you mean, but the guys in my troop try to find things related to music all around us


Scout 2: How do you do that?


Scout 1: Well, its like at the trading post, whatever the total I always give them 5 cents more than the total so I can get a NICKELBACK


Scout 2: Whoa NELLY, thats pretty good !


Scout 1: And if your in a hurry Whats that?


Scout 2: Oh easy, RUSH,


Scout 1: Hey you kids in the front row, quit talking and behave like scouts


Scout 2: Yeah, do we have to call for an USHER to throw you out?


Scout 1: Can you believe the menu? BLACK EYED PEAS three days in a row


Scout 2: Yeah, thats not right, thats stupid, its outrageous, its LUDICRIS! Did you see those dumplings they made? They looked more like a LIMP BIZKIT than

anything else


Scout 1: By the way, what happened to your shirt? Its awful dirty, did you get in a mud fight?


Scout 2: Oh,no it got STAIND in a PUDDLE OF MUD while I as running through LINKIN PARK it was feeding time at the zoo and I wanted to see the GORRILLAZ eat


Scout 1: I am not sure about my scoutmaster


Scout 2: Hows That


Scout 1: I got a bug in my eye and it hurt, he said I should just flush it out with my own tears


Scout 2: You mean he wanted you to cry?


Scout 1: No, not cry, but open and close my eyes real fast


Scout 2: Oh I see, he wanted you to BLINK 182 times a minutes


Scout 1: What do you call your neighbor next to the guy two houses from you,


Scout 2: Thats, easy, he is THREE DOORS DOWN


Scout 3: Hey what are you guys talking about?


Scout 2: Walter here is telling me how to keep music in mind by using musical group names in general conversation


Scout 3: Oh no, not U-2 !!!


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You are certainly the PRINCE of music trivia. (Of course, if you were a lady, I'd have to call you the QUEEN). You are quite the the JEWEL of this forum. You SLAUGHTER me with your wit.


I was curious about why you want a NICKELBACK? I can't get anyone to do anything for me for less than a 50-CENT piece. That is, unless I throw in a package of EMINEMs (M&Ms).


As for the dinner, I would decorate the room with lots of scout colors. Red and WHITE STRIPES should abound. Of course, I've always heard it called Red & Green, so you could call it the Red and GREEN DAY celebration, as well.


And as for your skit. I find music wherever I travel in AMERICA. Whether I'm in ALABAMA, KANSAS or CHICAGO, I can't help but think of my favorite tunes. YES, some day I'm going to be BIG & RICH, and I'll be able to travel to all my favorite places. I may even GO WEST, so I can watch the EAGLES soar.


Sorry for the KORN-y comeback, but I can resist TEMPTATIONS like this.

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