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At our last PLC, the fellows discussed having a "movie night" instead of a regular troop meeting. This one took me by surprise. I didn't interfere but I'd like to hear y'alls thoughts before we actually put this on the calendar.


The guys did not select a movie, but they aren't thinking along the lines of "Follw Me Boys" or even "Remember the Titans". They mentioned mostly silly stuff like "Monty Python" and "Kung Pow".

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Nick, if its a "boy-led troop" in more than name-only, whatcha gonna do? We're supposed to sit back and let them run things, right? Will the movie be the entire meeting, or just the program?


In other words, there are specific parts to a troop meeting (gathering, opening, skills instruction, patrol meetings, inter-patrol activity, closing, after the meeting) -- where does the movie fit-in?


As to the adult's concern: what are you afraid might happen? I think as long as you set some boundaries (no "R" rated, must somehow support the troop program, etc.), I say let them run their silly movies and see what happens.


After a couple of weeks of pushing the adults' buttons, ask the SPL and PLC what points of the Scout Oath & Law were advanced by spending troop meeting time on the movies they chose.

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Go for it! It validates them and empowers them. If they are heard in the little things, they might get braver yet! We have done movie nights, they enjoy it, and they really don't ask to repeat it very often...maybe once every 4 years. As fgoodwin says though, set some guidelines. Scout "conduct, spirit, behavior" would all be good terms to use. Then let them select, with final approval by you or the committee.

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I'd love to see the boys pull it off successfully. Fgoodwin and vmpost make good points.


Won't it be difficult to find a movie that's appropriate and entertaining for the whole age range?


Monty Python's Holy Grail still makes me laugh -- but, appropriate for 11 yr. olds???? I'm not sure.


Will you need parental permission?


Copyright permissions?


Have fun,



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Sure, if they want to do it as a special treat, I don't see a problem. I wouldn't want it to be the norm. For example, we've done "game nights" during Spring Break for the few that remain in town. Movie night would be a good alternative.


As for the movie selection, anything within parameters should be okay. Inform the parents of the movie selection and let them decide if it's appropriate.

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Go for it! But use the Patrol Method. Let the PLC put together a list of movies that they submit to the Troop Committee for approval. The PLC decides from the list edited by the Troop Committee. This would be a great alternative to a regular troop meeting on the meeting nights during a holiday when a lot of the guys would be out of town anyway. Most movies run about an hour and a half, so do troop meetngs. And if the chartering institution has a big-screen television and will make it available to the troop, hey, bring pillows and spread out on the floor. And don't forget to invite the parents.

In scouting, if you do not have food, or you are not having fun(preferably both), you are doing it wrong.

Pass the popcorn and coke, please.




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The Ship attended the Sea Scout Training Weekend in Catoctin Maryland.

After supper there was a youth dance. I was really surprised that our guys got into the groove.

After we went back to the Scout building we were staying at about five miles away from the camp.

One Lad had got a portable DVD player for Christmas and like most Scout buildings this one had a very old TV set hidden in the corner.

Soon he had somehow managed to wire the DVD player to the TV.

They all had a great time just sitting around watching DVD's.

It was a very late night. I was tired. The next day on the drive home they all slept.I drove.

I don't know how or why but there just seemed to be a feeling of good fellowship watching an old beat up TV. Maybe us all being a little tired and a little worn out had something to do with it? Maybe it being the first time that we had all got to really go somewhere played a part.

But it was priceless.


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In years past, my troop has done movie nights. Last March, we watched "Folow Me Boys". After the movie, we spent the meeting talking about the differences bewteen then and now. There troop and our troop.


This past November we had a Movie-A-Thon. The scouts voted on 5 movies, we had Pizza, snacks, etc.


The movies they picked were all PG except for one, which was PG-13. (that was Star Wars: Episode 3).


We planned this as a Reward for all the scouts hard work at our Chili Dinner and the Food Drive.


The scouts all had fun, and want to do it again. We also had the Movie-A-Thon because for a number of reasons, we did not go camping since July, and November is just a hard time for us to find a time to camp. 2 weekends are used for the Food Drive, and then tehre's Thanksgiving, which we normally take that week off.


We held it as a reward, and so that the troop could do something together, and we did not need the 2 deep leadership.


Will we do it again, possibly. Maybe in November.

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Our Scouts planned a movie night as well. Actually a movie marathon. Just before we broke for Christmas, Scouts arrived on Friday at Scout Hut at 6:00 pm, bringing pillows, blankets, frozen pizzas, snacks and sodas.


Then, popped in the first of the six Star Wars Movies and the marathon was on! One Scout's mom brought a nifty frozen pizza cooker and the Scouts made pizza, ate snacks, and watched Star Wars till the sun came up on Saturday morning. It was also wonderful that our CO let us use their large screen surround sound TV and DVD player.


Totally their idea and those Scouts that did not attend are now saying they want to make sure to do it again at the end of this year.

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Sounds like gwd-scouter and I are in the same troop. We've done similar year-end nights in the past. Granted, not much in the way of skill-building, learning, advancing, serving, leading...but just hangin out and chillin with others is a great respite that builds friendships.



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