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Top Troops for Eagle Production - Results

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After several weeks of searching the internet and posting on this site I have found these troops with more than 150 Eagle Scouts. I am posting this in hopes of finding more.


Troop 23 La Junta, CO., Rocky Mountain, 567 Eagles

Troop 61 Kansas City, MO, Heart of America, 267 Eagles

Troop 3 Derby, CN, Annowon, 246 Eagles

Troop 782 Lavonia, MI, Detroit Area, 205 Eagles

Troop 21 Americus, GA, Chehaw, 186 Eagles

Troop 97 Southaven, MS, Chickasaw, 185 Eagles

Troop 139? ??, CA, Western LACC, 178 Eagle Scouts


Troop 232 has no active website. There are two inactive sites. There is an active dance team site. Number of Eagle Scouts is from a Scout-L post.


Any additional info on Troop 139 of WLACC would be appreciated. I could not find a website for them either.



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