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Troop medical records

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I spent several hours last night going through the troop medical records, trying to get organized for 2006. It was amazing what we had in there - 5 copies of the exact same form for some guys, missing forms for others, plus records for scouts who haven't been around since 2003. A real mish-mash. Nearly all our scouts need a new Class 1 and many have the Class 2 out of date. I'm putting them in a 3-ring binder with an index up front - names, dates, etc.


How does your troop handle medical records? Where are they kept? Who tracks them? How do you ensure regular updates? What happens to old records? Because of the sensitive nature of these confidential records I am reluctant to ask anyone else to take care of this task. I'd like to hear how your unit handles this.


Ideas? Solutions?

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In our troop, the membership coordinator/advancement chair keeps a binder(s) that includes a section for each scout, which consists of the originals of the scout application, completed troopmaster input data sheet, troopmaster advancement report record for each rank earned, troop copies of blue cards, and health form. All documents are in plastic sleeves. An index form is in the front with the listing of the documents contained and the date for each with a good through date in the case of the health form. This is essentially an 'office' copy.


A separate binder is maintained that includes a copy of the health form, permission form and emergency contact info for each scout. The front of the binder includes the tour permit for the trip and other information that may be relevant during the trip. This binder is taken in the field by the adult leader listed as the trip leader on the permit. It gets passed on to the next trip leader after each trip.


Updating forms and information can be done throughout the year, but all the records are gone through in detail at least annually, typically during recharter time, to make sure that outdated information is updated and secured.


Scout records are typically offered to a scout's family when they leave the unit (copies of the merit badge cards are maintained however). If we do not get a response they are held in an archive binder for a number of years before destruction.


Fortunately, our guy stays way on top of this.

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Troopmaster DOES make easy work of keeping those things straight...as long as someone enter the information to begin with!! Ideally there should be a copy of the medical records that travels with the troop wherever the troop goes just in case you need to take a boy to the hospital...they'll want to see that signed authorization to treat!!



sue M.

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I've had the fun of being "the First Aid guy" at District and council events. I've seen 1 troop with a similar organized binder as SemperParatus has... and it was very nice to have. I've also seen "the worst" - Webelos / young scouts without permission slips or parent contact #'s.


It is very nice to have an organized binder that makes finding medical forms easy, even in times of high stress.



Also - a few concerns. The information is private, and needs to be secure. If you are camping "near" your vehicle, locking it in a vehicle might not be a bad idea. Also, because of the confidential nature, there should probably be a "sign out" procedure for getting the book, so that the SM/CC know who has the book, and the trip leader has agreed to protect the book and keep the records confidential.




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I take full responsibility for of all the medical records for our troop....... I have three binders.....

1 for travel with copies of all medical records for the scouts anf the leaders


1 for reference with all the originals of all medical records for scouts and leaders


1 for all scouts and leaders who have left the troop. they are held for three years and then destroyed on the 3rd anniverssary of their departure.


Then in Feb or March comes around.........new updates and signatures are obtained.....or new physicals are required depending on the situation


I also maintain Request To Administer OTC Medication Permission Slips

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We get the medical records and the Camping/Transportation Chair keeps the originals in a binder.


We also have travel binders where we have copies of permission slips and parent contact info, along with copies of the medical records in a sealed envelope. These binders are handed out to each driver when we go on a trip, with the understanding that the medical records are not to be opened unless in case of emergency. At the conclusion of the trip, all binders are returned to the troop storage area.


Our troop is relatively small, under 20 Scouts, so keeping the records current is not a big deal.


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We update our medical file each year before summer camp. Each boy has a cover with his information in it.


We also have a section with all the adults training information in it. We take our training cards and make copies of them and put them in the folder. Since our medical file goes with us on every outing then we also have any adults training information with us in case we need to show YPT cards or anything.

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Well we take a different approach.

Medical records are the proprety of each family/scout. After summer camp or a high adventure they are returned.


If there is a trip that requires a physical during the year the scout will need to turn in a copy with the trip permission slip. And again, returned after the trip/event.


Naturally, like all permission slips we have a section for medications or limits on activities, and who to contact in the event of an emargency. Our Trip announcments indicated the type of activity and minimum requirments.


Very interesting topic.



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