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Mutiny Among our Pack

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I'll let you know as soon as I find out more....


and if....still waiting for the UC to returns our messages.


So far, we're a "go" for the pinewood derby tomorrow.


Thanks for listening!

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Ugh. I hope this guy doesn't do anything to cause a scene at your pinewood tomorrow.


If he is NOT the CC then who is (in name, if not in fact - who is on the recharter paperwork)? This is one of the few positions that you actually must have filled to have a viable pack.


If he is NOT the CC, then he has absolutely no authority to start trying to oust existing leaders (not that he would have a lot of authority to do this as CC, but at least he'd have some).


How's he doing as a DL? Personally I can't imagine too many situations in which someone who yells at the boys for not being quiet could be successful with a bunch of Tigers.


So this brings me to this question:


Why are you all keeping this guy on as a leader?? I'm with Scoutnut, he sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


Rather than allowing this one person to cause an uproar and potentially result in a rift with your COR, why not impress upon him that either he follow the program, get training, and learn to play well with others, or else he will have to step down as any kind of pack leader. And if he refuses, he can be removed and replaced with the help of your official Committee Chair.


I don't envy you - this doesn't sound like a fun situation - but the sooner you guys address this person and put an end to the chaos he alone is causing in your pack (based on your description), the better off you'll all be.


Incidentally, given everything you have posted about this person, I'd be sceptical about taking his claim that the COR is willing to pull the rug out from under you unless you fire the current CM and ACM. Although this may be true, it sounds to me like this guy is a little off the deep end and his perception of what the COR is willing to do may be all wrong. Or he could be making the entire thing up. Point is, some other leaders in your pack need to contact the COR for a rational discussion rather than take this guy's word - or rather than letting him represent you to the COR, if in fact he really has talked with them.




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You stated you have a possible charter org on deck, you have lots of trained leaders that all appear willing to support the CM/ACM, and I'll just bet that the parents of the scouts like their DL's/ADL's etc.


Sounds to me like you have the highest poker hand - its time to call the bluff and force the issue. Call the COR and find out if s/he has, in fact, told this guy what he's claiming he's been told. If not, then its simple - tell him its time to leave. If so, tell the COR that if the CM and ACM leave, and this guy stays, the rest of you are leaving too and will form a new pack, complete with trained leaders and probably most of the families from the current pack. You'll have to start over on equipment but it might be better than trying to win this battle. Sometimes, the way to win the war is to change the field of operations.


The most important thing is not to lose sight of what's really important - and thats delivering a quality program - if you feel you can't rely on this COR to help you deliver that program, then move on.



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I agree with most of what SemperParatus posted.

You do need to meet with the COR.

You might also want to find out how the Pack Committee feels.

I really dislike threats.

Sad thing is once you start you have to be as good as your word. So if you issue an ultimatum and they call your bluff, the people who get hurt the most are the very people we joined to serve.

If you still don't hear from your UC? I'd try one phone call!! Then you need to go and find the Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts.

While the Commissioner Staff don't have the "Power" to do very much at the unit level. Unit problems are discussed at the Commissioner Cabinet meetings and the District Committee meetings, as a rule someone at one of them meetings (Normally the DE) does have the ear of the Executive Officer and will contact him or her explaining what the problem is and outlining a plan of action.

While I think training can help, this Tiger Den Leader seems to qualify as a FCT (First Class Twit)

Where are the Tiger Cub partners when this man is scolding them and doing whatever it is that he is doing?

Is he serving in the armed forces?



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