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And So This Is Christmas....

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We were to have a superb dinner, consisting of a leg of pickled pork and greens, and a pair of roast stuffed fowls. A handsome mince-pie had been made yesterday morning ?and the pudding was already on the boil.

(Charles Dickens -Great Expectations)

Pleased to say that I have done just about all my Christmas shopping. The cards are done.

But I'm left with the same age old question!!

People keep asking me "What do you want for Christmas?"

The truth is that I don't want anything!!

When I told Her Who Must Be Obeyed that I wanted a sail boat, she seemed to think I was joking!!

I have drawers that I can't shut full of sweaters, socks and underwear!! I have the worlds greatest collection of ugly ties and yes I do have the ugly red one with the Scout Law on it.

I think my big problem is that as well as being selfish, I'm also not very patient, if I want something I buy it.

So what do you want for Christmas?




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Greedy side: I want a boat load of money :)


Needs side: All of Maslow's needs are met. On the camping needs list I "need" a good backpacking tent...the tent should go up on the greedy side.


I've got a tree up, most of the shopping done, kids are excited,and I've got the Spirit.


All I want for Chirstmas is to do something special. Since my kids will be at their mom's, I'll be helping out at my church on Chirstmas eve and day. A group from the church will be hitting the streets on Christmas eve to provide things for the homeless. My heart is leaning toward that direction.


Remember the reason for the season.


God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!



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What do I want for Christmas is one of the big questions for this time of year. Like Eamonn, I'm not particularly patient and will go buy that "thing" I want when I have the money, not wait for a holiday to ask someone else to get it for me. This year the only two things I'd like for Christmas are a job for my better half and a Cubmaster for our Pack. The person who said they would do it backed out and I simply will not reup in that position again (the infamous burnout syndrome).


Okay, if I'm being materialistic I'd really like the Gilmore Girls season 4 boxed set and Family Guy seasons 1 & 2. Oh yea, and the new Prince of Persia PS2 game (yes, I am in touch with my inner 13 year old).


Happy Holidays to you and yours



Wolf/Bear DL - P102

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Eamonn, that dresser of yours has a twin in my house! I definitely don't need more stuff. Personally I like gifts that are more along the "experience" line, like free passes to the roller rink or movies for all 3 of us or a night out with just my husband and somebody to keep an eye on my son (relatives all live in other states so that's kind of a rare thing for us). Not that I'd pass up a winning lottery ticket in my stocking, mind you.



A good old bobwhite too!

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Oh my....what do I want for Christmas?

I want my kiddo home with me. Also, I want to not feel gulty for wanting her with me, instead of going to her dad's. Sigh.

I want her to have a wonderful visit - it's been more than two years since she's seen him, and she's feeling flu-ish and miserable this weekend and her flight out is in two days.

*I* want a nice date with a sweet guy. No one on the horizon though. Sigh, again ;)

I want my friends to have some joy this season - seems every one of them is being hit hard this year. One is celebrating her first Christmas apart from her kiddo this year and cried on my shoulder yesterday. Another is recovering from cancer surgery and heading towards divorce. Another one - her grandpa just passed away and she's hosting an extra family in her home who were evicted from their apartment last week. And today just heard another friend's mother passed away over the weekend. I wat so much to be there for each of them, but the well is seeming to be running a bit dry just now...shall light some candles I suppose.


Anne in Mpls

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What I would really like are step-by-step instructions on binding my own book in hardcover. That way I can give a very personal first edition to my wife for Christmas.


After that, it's up to the book and a future publisher.


Does anyone have an idea for a link where I could get instructions on binding a book? I haven't had much luck in my search, and will have to "fake it."


Merry Christmas to all.



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Hey Unc, it's good to "see" you! Congrats on that first edition.


I just did a search and found an illustrated how-to site that also sells kits. You may or may not need the kit, but hopefully this is what you're looking for:




Doing a search on archival bookbinding led me to this site, also detailed, and it even explains how you can create everything, including the cover:



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