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Help with troop committe - COR

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Hello All- I am a member of a small troop committee. Our CC resigned ( his son no longer in troop). That leaves us with two other members. Our treasurer, and another dad. The dad helps on cmpouts and BORs but will not accept a CC position. Treasurer is taking evening classes and seldom show up. I'm advancement chair and wife of the SM. I have 3 Adult Leader Applications filled out but we can't get signed off. Our COR is waiting for a CC signature ... We're at an impass. Any ideas?

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ScoutNut has the right Idea...If needed point out to the old CC that the faster he signs the faster you can find a replacement (one of those newbies).


A question...how big is your troop? what is the percentage of parnets supporting their kids? I might be time to ask each family to sign up one parent as a committee member or ASM!!!?!!!


By the way you could gently point out to the COR('cause the COR is obvisously wanting to follow the book), that the CC resigned and that it is the CO's (and by extention the COR's) job to recruit the next CC (just for laughs, that is)

good luck


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