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Help NOW Please - Leadership concepts

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I just found out that I will be teaching Leadership concepts (along with other topics) for Scouts (youth) at our Scouting Unversity tomorrow morning.

I also found out that I need to prepare a lession plan for this for a 40 min. class.


Here is the couse outline:

Leadership concepts I What is the difference between a manager and a leader? This course will teach the skill-concepts needed to become a leader.


Can anyone out there help me with this?


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Grab a copy of the Patrol Leaders Handbook. Use Page 8 as your lesson plan, and cover what each of those PL responsibilities entail; i.e., what would comleting the responsibility look like. Most likely there is more than 40 minutes of lesson right there.

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I'm guessing that this has to do with the new NYLT?

Sad to say I have not had the opportunity to read up on this yet.

I have clicked around at:


There is a lot of good stuff there.

But given the little time you have I would fall back on the 11 Leadership Skills:

1. Communicating

2. Knowing and Using Resources

3. Understanding the Characteristics and Needs of the Group and Its Members

4. Planning

5. Controlling Group Performance

6. Effective Teaching

7. Representing the Group

8. Evaluating

9. Sharing Leadership

10. Counseling

11. Setting the Example

Spending a few minutes on each skill will kill 40 minutes in next to no time!!

There is a lot of stuff on the net that you could use to make a power point presentation.

I think the OA site has some good stuff as well.

Good Luck

You might want to ask the organizer to sit in and listen to point 4 !!



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