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new cm and uc

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I was just asked to be CM for out Pack. Looking foward to putting more pazzaz in the program. The previous CM was very knowledgable so I leaned a lot from him. I'm also new as a UC. I don't have any sons in scouting. My sister had 2 sons who got their Eagle and ask if I could help once a week. Little did I know that it would be more like a full time job. I just finished my first week at WoodBadge. I would encourage all who can to go. It has turned into a learning experience you'll never forget.

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Hi rehtona,


Welcome! Sounds like you might have figured out that "one hour a week" myth that has been circulating around Scouting for decades. Based on the "one hour a week" rule, I figure I've done my one hour a week for years (decades) to come, along with just about every other Scouter. We must like it because we keep coming back for more.


Wood Badge - a great experience! Enjoy!


Yours Truly in Scouting,

Rick Pushies

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