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Which Adult Religious Award?

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Our Scoutmaster has served the local United Methodist Church and our Troop for over 40 years. He has been active in the church and has promoted religion (all religions) among the boys for as long as I have known him (5 years) and almost longer than I have been around!.


My question is I would like to nominate him for an adult religious award, but am unsure of which. I have found the Cross and Flame which is awarded by the National Association of United Methodist Scouters, and the God and Service which is awarded by P.R.A.Y. Suggestions and reasons??





P.S. I am Catholic so Im not sure which would be most appropriate.


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PRAY is a publishing company. It does not award any religious medals at all, it simply provides information & sells some of the books & medals.


The first place you should contact is your local United Methodist Church (the one the SM is a member of). They should be able to tell you where to go from there.



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Did that and they said either one would be ok. I'm wondering which award would an adult which to receive? Both sets of requirements are pretty much the same.


If you are a Methodist scouter out there which would you rather receive?

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Mr ScoutNut,


First, I am SCANDALIZED you would insult Mark and Debbie Hazelwood in the callous way you just did. Have you been to Relationships Week at PTC? Have you taken their workshop on the Religious Awards Program (new this year) or their class on the Protestant God and Country curriculum? If you have, then I trust you know they are dedicated Christians who work tirelessly in support of youth serving organizations.


To all,


PRAY works with the Religious Relationships Committee of the National Council Relationships Committee. They have the resources to help determine the right curriculum and award for youth and adults. THEY UNDERSTAND THE SCOUTING COMMITMENT TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, and the familial choice that comes with that. They are also two wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord. Mark Hazelwood is the Executive Director, Debbie is Author-in-Chief. They are two wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord. As with several on this service, I am mighty glad to have studied from them.


If you're not sure about the right adult religious award, give Mark a call. He'll help.





YIS John

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John-in-KC - You can be "SCANDALIZED" all you want. I was neither "insulting" or "callous". You, on the other hand, were more than a bit rude.


Herms stated - "the God and Service which is awarded by P.R.A.Y."


I simply corrected that statement. ALL religious emblems, youth or adult, are AWARDED by their respective RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS. The P.R.A.Y. Publishing national board, while it is an organization which develops the God & Country program, & the organization you can order the awards from, it is NOT the RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION which AWARDS it to the youth or adult who earns the award.


I never said a word about the Hazelwood's themselves or about their religious commitment. Kindly calm down.



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Scandals aside, BOTH you gentlemen are correct. ScoutNut is correct in that all religious awards are awarded by respective religious organizations, not by PRAY itself which serves as as facilitator organization. JohnKC is correct in that PRAY is a member of the National Religious Relationships subcommittee and that the Hazelwoods are good folks.


Let me add that PRAY also facilitates non-Christian religious awards.

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Go with the Cross and Flame. Since the scouter to be honored is a member of the United Methodist Church you can't go wrong with that award. The church probably has no clue about either award, however they will be the one to fill out and turn in the paperwork.

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I am a District Scouting Ministries Coordinator for our United Methodist District. Your UMC district should also have someone in this postion. He should be able to guide you in this matter. If not, contact the conference Scouting Ministries Coordinator.


All of these awards are United Methodist distinguished awards and are very important recognitions.

The Cross and Flame Award is given by the local church and nominated by the local church Scouting Coordinator. This can be the Chartering Organization Rep. Minimum 5 years involvement with scouting or the youth of the church. More requirements.

The Torch Award is given by the Annual Conference and the recipient must be a member of the church with exceptional Christian character, 10 years of continuous support of using and supporting the programs in the life of the church at the district and conference level. Other requirements.

God and Service Award is a national award, awarded by churches and youth agencies cooperating in the programs of P.R.A.Y. Minimum of five years of distinguished service.

This is what I would reccommend:

Unless the candidate is in poor health, I would start with the Cross and Flame. The next year give the God and Service, and the next year give the Torch Award.

All are recognized as religious awards for wearing the adult knot. Applications can be downloaded from www.naums.org , but for some reason right now you have to have a username and password. I have emailed the webmaster to find out why.

Please remember all of your volunteers with these awards or at least thank you cards. Also, there is a Bishop's Award of Excellence that is awarded to outstanding scouting units at the Annual Conference by the Bishop. There is also a Good Samaritan Award for youth ages 12-19 and they don't have to a member of the UMC.

Hope this helps.

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