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Adult leader meeting

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Hello all,


I am a new CM and I am holding a new Leader meeting. I wanted to know how I should start the meeting. I was going with the Pledge of alligence, The Scout oath, and Law.


Is that too much?


I don't want to scare the new leaders, but I made up some cool cards with the oath on one side and the law on the other. I been to leader training and Powwows and that was the opening for those.


I wanted to know how other people started there leader meetings.


Please Help. :-)






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I think a lot depends on where you plan to have the meeting?

Back when I was CM the meetings were in my home dining room. The meetings were by design very informal. In fact I went out of my way to make them into more like social meetings. Very often we had wine and cheese as well as soft drinks on hand.

My feelings were that if Mom or Dad had taken a night off away from the kids, they might as well enjoy it.

We kept our Agenda very short and sweet, but you would be surprised at the amount of work we got through once the meeting was over!!

Please don't be scared to treat adults like adults.


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Thinking back over our meetings (pack, troop, district committees, etc.), the key element to whether or not the Pledge, Oath, etc. were used was uniforming. If we were uniformed, there was SOME sort of ceremony. If not, there rarely was.


At the unit level, most of our meetings were non-uniformed, except for a few leadership meetings (training, ASM/SM meetings, etc.)

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All of our unit adult meetings, including the committee meetings, are rather informal. We are not uniformed, & do not do a flag ceremony of any kind. Usually the meetings are in our Parish Hall's "Scout Room" & we start, & end, with a short prayer, but that is about it for formality.


If we are meeting with new leaders for a Q&A, help session it is usually at someone's home.



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As CM I have hosted many an adult leaders meeting. We never did any formal opening type thing, we simply met in my dining room with calenders in hand for reviewing dates, etc. One thing we do offer though is "child care". I have a wide assortment of child friendly videos and Nephew enjoyed hosting the children if any had to come with Mom 'cause dad was working. If I knew we were having young visitors I arranged kool aid and popcorn to be available for them, to go with their movie and host. Having Nephew host the youth reduced the trips to the dining for "Mom, can I need a drink/potty/snack, etc"






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Ceremonies do not need to be formal or drawn out. A short prayer, the Pledge if you have an American flag, and the CS promise. Three minutes max. A closing ceremony, the same - short prayer and the Scoutmaster's Benediction. That you have a ceremony is the important part. The same is true at pack meetings.


Make sure that you have food and make the meeting enjoyable. In scouting, if you don't have food and you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

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parent/committee/leader meetings are held in my living room. Very informal, but we do have a printed meeting agenda and a draft agenda for the next pack meeting for review.


We serve coffee, soft drinks and some kind of baked goody (usually courtesy of my wife, bless her!).


We try to keep it comfortable and allow single parents to bring their kids to play upstairs or outside during the meeting.



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