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We have been back home for a few days now. I have been working around the house and the shop getting everything back to normal (well as normal as it can get under the circumstances). We did a lot better then most people. Some roof damage and I no longer have any fences or a trampoline (the trampoline was found spread over three yards). I'm just glad to be home and too have a home.


Of the five boys in my den two are not planning to return ever. One boy is in school in another state and will not return for the rest of the school year. Two boys parent we have not heard from, one of those lived in the city and I only pray that he and his parents left before the storm. Please keep all of those who suffered from this tragedy



BTW anyone have any ideas of how to get the smell out of a refrigerator.


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When you all get settled back in, and whenever that may actually happen, what can we (in the North ) do to help you and your Troops get restocked?


We have been waiting until we have direct contact with some of you scouts down south before we begin organizing anything. But we have a lot of scouts that have been asking how we can help.

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The western troops want part of this too. PLEASE let us know what you don't have. I'm serious. Are you missing Dutch Ovens, tents, what? Let us help, please!


I'm so tired of feeling totally helpless in this, I want to get involved. I would love to help you guys. Do you have a place to camp this year? How do you feel about surfing in the Pacific, can we help you?


I know of many units here in the Wine Country of California (for those of you that don't know California Council Geography) Los Padres is 1/2 between LA & SF along the coast. Please let us help.

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I think that we all want to do what we can to help.

I did give some thought to having a patch made or maybe one of the silicone bracelets, that seem to be so popular.

However at this time I think our efforts need to be put to use helping those who have lost everything and are in need of the very basics.

I remember reading how many Councils have lost their Service Centers, while the "Adopt A Troop" idea does have merit, maybe it would be better to hold that thought until the Councils that were damaged by this come back and are able to coordinate the effort.

Sending a lot of stuff to units that have no place to store it or keep it would seem like a waste.

For now I really think that supporting the Red Cross along with the other agencies is the best thing. While Scouts and Scouting is important, I feel that having schools and rebuilding the places where Scouts meet needs to be a priority.

Of course to each his own, but my feelings are that we need to hold that thought and be willing to help when things are a little more organized.


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Our pack was struggling to began with. Now we loss half our scouts and parents. Our most active parents moved for good and our second most active parent moved for the rest of the school year and may not come back. My job is now gone so I have to go to work offshore for now. I not sure what our pack is going to do with the three only active familys either moved are no longer active. I told my wife if no one picks up the pack to go join another pack. zippie2223

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Im sorry I didnt see this earlier.


I spent 2 weeks Camping in Baton Rouge with my Ambulance Company. We were hosted by a Church/School/Knights of Columbus, and their Boy Scout Troop. My tent was borrowed from the Scout Troop, and while I didnt get much of a chance to interact with the scouts, I just wanted to say Thanks to the unit, and to thank them for being so Helpful, Friendly, and Kind, in helping feed us, as well as letting us use their meeting space for sleeping quarters.


I cant remember the troop, but how many Knights of Columbus are there in Baton Rouge, and how many had a bunch of EMTs and Medics in their front yard???





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