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Challenge - Help Now

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OK, my donation is in. My charity of choice was the Salvation Army. The amount was not huge, but enough that I had to think about it and will probably make some adjustments for the next month in my personal spending.


I challenge everyone on this Board to do the same. Christian, atheist, Jew, Gay or straight, black, white or Latino. Just give something and let us know you did it. The amount is not important.


Let's get this thread to 25 pages.

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Hey scoutldr, is it okay if a buddhist join in? ;) Got my money committed to Red Cross on Wednesday. I'm about to commit a few more dollars pooling with 10 of my best friends from high school to reach $10,000 where his company will match dollar for dollar.(This message has been edited by OneHour)

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The troop that I am honored to be associated with raised 1000.00 for the Red Cross today at a BBQ that would normally be a fundraiser to cover troop expenses.


And we hope to do more tomorrow. I am very proud of the scouts and the scouters that volunteered their time and efforts. The efforts of the scouts that worked the customers at Lowes (where we hold this fundraiser...Thanks very much!!! ) was tremendous.


Several of the scouts said this is a Scouting thing to do and that a scout is Helpful.


REAL PROUD of the troop and the people that helped make this day a good day.


Scouts Doing a Good Turn Daily.



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I have another challenge.

Kevin, my 12 year old Star Scout, was sitting and watching the news when he suddenly turned to me and ask "what is going to happen to all the Boy Scouts there? How will they meet, how will they get their badges?" I didn't really have that answer. So at our Round Table I suggested


Go to your childs school and talk to the principal or admissions clerk. If your school is getting kids from shelters please see if any of them are displaced scouts. And then invite them to join your troop. Be it Girl Scout, Boy Scouts or Cubs. These kids have lost everything, lets give them back something they know.

I don't know any of us that can't afford the cost of a new Hand Book. I know I can.


I have been where they are. In l961 my home town was almost wiped out with a 100 year flood. My parents nd I were in a shelter for 2 weeks, my grandmother was hospitalized. We got back into our home but my grandmother lost everything she had owned for 75 years. Believe me there is no more lost feeling than knowing that you have NOTHING. Not even a clean pair of underwear.

I know that all the money and supplies are wonderful, but we also need to remember that these people also need our time. They need a hug, a handshake, someone to call them "friend" and most of all they need to be made to feel that they are part of our communities. For however long they are going to be with us. A week, a month, or for every. They need to be made to feel part of us.

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If you work for a large company, check to see if your employer is doing any matching (that has been mentioned above as well).


My employer is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and is matching employee contributions dollar for dollar.


A Scout is Thrifty....Double your dollars if you can!!

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My small office is matching our (the employees donations) and we have just hit $4,700 for the Red Cross! Also, though the Church and this week the troop is brain storming for a good helping hand project!


And Folks, we might also want to start looking for old uniforms and checking with some of those friends who left the scouting trail to snag a few left-overs...gonna be a lot of lost uniforms out there!


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Not wanting to put a damper on anyones fever to help, but consider finding out first what items are needed. Things like uniforms and camping equipmemnt may not be the priority you think they are. In addition, many of these items will soon be replaced by insurance with NEW items rather than used.


While the intentions are certainly honorable the energy might be better spend on other more immediate needs these folks will have.


Consider checking first with the Red Cross and Salvation Army before we begin to inundate the region with unneeded, though well intentioned, gifts.





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