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Most Unappreciated Jobs in Scouting

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The jobs like the ones Neil U. mentioned should be well respected positions when done correctly. Quality people doing those jobs make the work seem easy because they have personal resources that fit the duties. When this happens, things get done but it is difficult to figure out the reasons, thus less appreciation. The difference is not noticed until a person without those qualities takes the position and then things do not get done. For some observers, it is difficult to understand what occurred.

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I kinda think the guys and girls that serve behind the scenes are under-appreciated.

Of course different people do things different ways and different times can lead to different appreciation.

We have had Council Presidents that have had to deal with times when things were really tough. They tend to be the Presidents that are under-appreciated, while the guys who were President when things were good and managed to spend money on new buildings and things that people see are the ones that people hold in high esteem.

On the professional side I think that the poor old Field Director is not appreciated very much by the volunteers. They really don't know what he does all day and don't deal very much with him or her. We are a small Council and don't have a Finance Director, so maybe he would be in the same boat?

Some less pushy District Chairmen, the type who only Chair the District meeting are not recognized for all the things that they do behind the scenes.

Many of the volunteers in the District I serve are only now starting to understand that money is a very important commodity and does go a long way in helping the quality of service offered by the Council. While they are the people who deliver the program, the District and the Council can and does offer lots of support, some of which doesn't come cheap.

Someone was trying to work out how much money the Council had spent on our Summer Camp site over the past 20 years, I will be very interested to see what they come up with.

We are very lucky that we have a very knowledgeable and committed group of people who manage our Council endowment fund, I feel sure that many of our families and volunteers don't even know that they are out there doing what they do.


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Pack Committee Chair


Though the Pack leaders know - and deaply appreciate - how much work they do, most of the parents seem not to have a clue that they even exist. Unfortunately the Cubmaster gets all the parental recognition and glory. I should know, I was a Cubmaster with a GREAT Committee Chair.

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I've seen some office support ladies that I thought were being worked like dogs. Answering phones, handling tons of paperwork, running the scout shop, etc. I don't know how they get it all done.


Close behind would be anyone handling troop or pack finances, advancement records, and the popcorn sale.(This message has been edited by Sir_Scoutalot)

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Unit Treasurer, because they have to have it right all the time. They are the hands-on stewards of the unit funds.


(No, I've not held that job)


Unit Advancement/membership coordinator: Whether you use stubby pencil or Troopmaster, this person has a young man's future in their hands.


(Yes, I've held that one)

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