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This is just a thought I had.


During NYJLT and the SPL meetings at Summer Camp, I realized the benefits of gathering the boy leaders of different troops throughout the area. Wed compare methods of dealing with troop issues, favorite camping spots, etc. (Sort of like this forum)


These meetings were for reasons besides our conversations, so we didnt get time for anything too in-depth. So, I thought it would be cool, if SPLs (and their ASPLs maybe), had a meeting specifically for these types of conversations. Leading a troop is learned through experience; why not learn through the experiences of others?


My idea would be to pretty much get all these boy leaders (district, or maybe even council) in a room to discuss things, in a format similar to a PLC. Troops could even coordinate trips together there. It might even be an opportunity to extend boy leadership to levels beyond the troop; we could share our opinion on how the district and council is being run.


What does everybody think? Im not sure if this idea is any good, or even possible, so let me know.

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Our district uses an SPL council in two separate contexts:


For camporees and Klondikes, we have convened SPL councils so that the youth could make some program decisions. They met initially as breakout sessions of our Roundtable; some work was carried forth through the planning cycle independently. Sub-committees met with the District Activity Committee event director/program directors "as needed" or "on call".


Our RT has a standing feature called "Scoutmaster to Scoutmaster." Meets monthly, is facilitated by an ADC and a respected SM. Periodically (twice a year or so) we have a "SPL to SPL" special feature. The boys cross-fertilize.


About once a year, we put the SMs in the room with the SPLs. The SMs are put on silence (most are Arrowmen or Tribesmen). The facilitators let the SPLs run ... some mighty chagrined SMs walk out of THOSE sessions.


Bottom line: The idea has worked for us; be careful, though ... jr high and high school students are busier than we were "in the day"; don't allow "the game with a purpose" to become "another #### meeting" for these great young men.

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I don't think involvement should be too much of an issue, but my idea was to make it voluntary. So that "another meeting" feeling shouldn't be that big of an issue. Am I being naive?


My first thought was to invite a few SPLs from other troops that I met to share ideas, but I think it'd be better if I could get it to be a district-wide event.


That leads me to my other question, should it be district or council-wide? Also, how would I present the idea to a committee? Would I just show up for a meeting?



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I am not sure how old you are, but there is a model for the organizaiton you describe in the Venturing Program. Its Called the Teen Leaders Conference, if you are of Venturing age, or even if not, you should see if your Council/District has one

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Sir Jim,


First, as BW said, you WANT (really do) the high cover of your District or Council. You want their blessing going forward. A Scouter asking for an independent meeting of multiple Scouts across the council without official foreknowledge ... well, I hope your YP plan for that meeting is awfully good.


Second, whether District or Council -wide depends on several factors: Scouting population and geographic size are two of the biggest. My district is 2 counties. We have 58 active troops on the books. District makes sense for us.


Your council/district is not mine.


Have fun getting this up and running.

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