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Ideas for 2005 year program

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Thanks again guys. I was going to say I was suprised by your helpfulness, but then I remembered I was in a scouting forum (A scout is helpful).




Thank you, but you're way too kind. Your experience (648 posts) shows that you probably have more posting knowledge than I do. (Then again, the idea of posting knowledge sounds sort of ridiculous)


Anyways, your suggestions were great, but the attitude of your post reminded me of something more important. Enthusiasm is contagious. If I go to the PLC with even half of your enthusiasm, I will probably have no trouble getting ideas from them.




I tried the same thing; maybe I'll have to call them. I did find plenty of other campsites there. All this information should help though.



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Another thought would be to take advantage of the Pioneer Valley Councils camp at the Moses Scout Reservation. You can get camping info through the Council's website. I think they had a link on their webpage or the number to call, I don't remember, lol. Also, attend Webelos Woods at Moses in the spring. I know Knox Trail posts some of their activities on their section of the site, plus Chair members and phone/e-mail links.


You can also look at the Council's web site to see if there is training that anyone in your Troop could use. Some classes start in September.


How about attending an outing during "Scout Night" with the Springfield Falcons? They have three dates scheduled during the upcoming season. Since you are from the Knox Trail, did you know that just over the line in Stafford, the speedway there holds a Scout Night every Friday night in May? Scouts get FREE admission when they wear their uniform shirt. Maybe your Troop could present the colors on a particular night.


Hope this all helps in some way too.

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Sit down and think about the kinds of things that would interest you and your friends, and make a list.


Then sit down with the PLC and have each do the same thing, then have each tell about their favorite activity they came up with. Sit back, listen, observe, take notes. What got the guys excited, what had most never done before, what would appeal to the most boys, what would fit the monthly themes nicely?


Then offer a summary of you discovered, That should get you off to a good start.


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I'm from the Pioneer Valley Council, Knox Trail District. Isn't it confusing how that have both KT District and Council?


Moses is a good camp and I would recommend it; we go there for summer camp. I wouldn't mind camping there for a troop campout, but it's also where our camporees are. We will probably go to Summer Camp there also.


We've thought about the Falcons scout night, but all the boys did it in cubs (multiple times). I've haven't heard about that speedway though; free is always a good thing.


Thanks again.

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