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Looking For A Good Book

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Some of my favorite summer reads have been by Tony Hillerman. His mysteries with Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Sgt. Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police are great stories, especially if you love the Southwest


I also recommend any of the alternaive histories by Harry Turtledove. Have you ever wondered what things would be like if the South had won the Civil War? If rhe US had allied with Germany in WWI? If the allies and the Axis joined in WWII to battle an even bigger menace?

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I read a lot of Science Fiction and one of my all-time favorite authors is Robert Heinlein. Almost anything he wrote is worth reading.


More recently, I have read a lot of military sci-fi and the two best in the business are David Weber with his Honor Harrington series (space navy) that starts with "On Basilisk Station" and John Ringo with his Alldenata series (powered armor marines) starting with "A Hymn Before Battle". Ringo is a veteran from the 82nd Airborne and it really shows in his writing. These two DID team up on a series that was really good as well. It is about a young man, a prince, and his company of marine body guards who are stranded on a planet about which very little is known. It is thier struggle to survive and , ultimately, return home with the prince in one piece. It starts with "March Upcountry".


These last two authors write "hard" sci-fi, which is quite different from Star Trek or the space-opera style of Star Wars. I have been impressed enough to buy anything they publish as soon as it hits the shelf (and often before! I love Baen web-scriptions).

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If you like medieval and detective stories they combine really well in the Cadfael series by Ellis Peters. 20 great historical novels spanning about ten years of welsh / british history.


My wife liked "The day my bum went psycho".

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