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I have a question about Local Tour Permits. If for an example we have a pack trip to a baseball game. Now we all meet at the ballpark. So parent will be driving there own child directly from there home to the event. Do we still need there driving info?




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The first line of your opening post answers your question...it's a "pack trip". That makes it a Scout outing, and the tour permit is required, with the vehicle information.


I see tour permits in the same category as money-earning applications -- they're a tool to help you plan your event. Councils aren't trying to keep units at home, or in the poor house by throwing up insurmountable barriers to travel or fund-raising. The forms aren't hard to fill out, TroopMaster or PackMaster help a lot if you have the vehicle information entered for your families, and in every council I've been in, the staff turns the tour permits quickly.


Your profile says you're a Tiger Den Leader. I'm assuming you're fairly new at this -- please correct me if I'm wrong. Your son may be in Scouting for the next 12 years, and if you're sharing it with him, it can be a wonderful experience. That said, here's a little advice from my experience: Watch out for adults, even some with a chest full of training award knots, who will blow off the paperwork with some rationalization like "...if we don't wear uniforms and don't call it a Scout event, we don't have to follow the Scout rules...". Chances are, the paperwork isn't the only place corners are being cut. It takes intestinal fortitude on the part of an informed leader to remind others of what's right, rather than what's expedient. I've had to do that myself on way more than one occasion. Quick example: we did a Troop campout on a military base that also operated an MWR go-cart track (safe and well maintained) within walking distance; I'd been there myself several times with both my kids, and those things are loads of fun. The Scouts wanted to include go-karting as part of the campout program -- I had to be the wet blanket. My popularity rating slipped, to be sure. But, I couldn't allow what the Guide To Safe Scouting considers a prohibited activity and at the same time hold Scouts accountable to all the points of the Scout Law.


Have a great time at the ball game; we did the same thing when we were in Cubs, and even got a special welcome over the PA during the game -- the lads felt like celebrities!





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As our unit is also from NNJC.


All of the adult leaders who are going are listed on the tour permit. We also add the following: Scouts will be transported by their own parent/guardian or the above listed drivers. This has always been accepted by Council.


I hope this helps.

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One of the advantages of going to Commissioner's college. Our Council's director of accounting and insurance gives the liability and tour permits class:


RULE ONE: The tour permit is a planning process. USE THE PROCESS EVERY TIME your unit plans an activity.


RULE TWO: LOCAL (Council) Tour permits are required:

- Outside your own District.

- ALL Overnight activities.

- ANY aquatics activities.

- ANYTIME the host facility (example a military base) requires a tour permit.


RULE THREE: The boundary between a LOCAL tour permit and a NATIONAL tour permit is 500 miles.


Here's a hyperlink to my Council's one-pager on tour permits:



BTW, BSA source documents include Tours and Expeditions (33737C) and G2SS (34416B).


PLEASE NOTE: The rules change for our Council in September.


Hope this helps.

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I don't understand why so many leaders are adverse to filling out a tour permit. It takes 5 minutes and covers your tail. We use one whenever we are going anywhere other than our normal meeting place. On the ball game situations, we just note "Families to provide own transportation".

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I'm not that smart or very clever and I didn't sleep at a Best Western last night.

But when it comes to Tour Permits,I with the aged 90 year Eagle.

Fill out the form and stick it in the fax.

When anyone in the District asks me this is what I tell them. Even a Den doing a tour of our local Pizza Hut.

Having all the eyes dotted and the tees crossed is a good thing if anything should go wrong.


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I stand corrected, the phrase I said was on the tour permit is no longer there. The G2SS says in bold letters ...Most short, in-town den trips of a few hours do not require a tour permit; however, it is recommended that dens obtain permission slips from parents.


The Cub Leader Handbook says on page 8-2 Check with your local council service center for local policy on tour permits for den trips and outings..


I apologize if I mislead anyone with my previous post.








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We have one person who does nothing but tour permits. They keep all the individual info on file and just pull the files for the appropriate drivers, etc. And then get the appropriate signatures. This works well to help keep us current on training as well. And like Eamonn, we file for EVERY trip, regardless, and use it as part of the planning process.

This person is one of our most valuable leaders because it allows the rest of us to devote more attention to the boys.

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