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I've heard of some charitable or fraternal groups that donate several thousand dollars per year to support their Scout groups.


I'd be inclined to check out Kiwanis Clubs, Lion's Clubs, VFWs and othersuch groups that might be able to help with funding.


Even if you aren't chartered by such groups, a unit that is short of funds might consider hitting up such groups for donations.




Seattle Pioneer

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My unit chartered partner is local VFW post.


IIRC, both the Legion and the VFW have tasked their local posts with a NATIONAL MISSION: Ensure no BSA unit goes out for want of a chartered partner.



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John, IIRC?



there's lot's to consider: tax status, charity status, local presence, meeting space, storage space, volunteer base, future, organizational goals, fundraising potential, etc., etc.; but I think Semper has the right focus. In the end it's always about people. Cover your bases, good people don't always come with the right equipment - but good people will make up for one or two deficiencies.


For more background info, check out #AV-02DVD17 "Training the Charter Organization Representative".





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Hitting up a group or businesses outside of your Charter Organization for donations is not permitted by the BSA regulations. A unit may conduct fundraising using the guidelines but not ask for donations. That is not be confused with any store policy for discounts etc.

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