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Checklist for a Strong Troop Program

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Does x% of the patrols earn national honor patrol?

Do you hold an open house to recruit new members?

Do boys plan all the outings?

Does x% of the boys in the 9th grade or above participate in the troop ACTIVLY?


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I can't help feeling that you got what you asked for - A checklist.

I think it's a good list and worth looking at and examining.

If you had said " I was hoping for a bit of a brainstorming discussion to get a broad range of thoughts on elements of strong troop programs and elements that make troops strong" Maybe the discussion would have taken a different turn.

Maybe we might have looked at Leadership Skills and the right style of leadership needed at different times. We might have turned the conversation around to the tools that participants take away from different trainings.

I could have bored the pants off everyone with one of my long and rambling posts that has everyone asleep before the get to the end of it!!

Scoutmasters like Korea Scouter and FScouter might have posted what works and what doesn't work for them.

We have an abundance of talented people in this forum.

But you asked for "a one- or two-page "cheat sheet" of the elements that make up a good troop program, what would you put on the list?


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Eamonn, my frustration is mainly with the sniping and bickering, which are not only an annoying waste of time but drive away potential contributors to the discussion. I'm happy with the ideas that were coming in. I think that immediately jumping in with criticism of ideas also discourages potential contributors. It would have been nice to build on that one list a bit before starting to tear it down.


Unfortunately, I don't have time right at this moment to lay out a full list, but I would organize it based on the eight Methods of Boy Scouting. Here's a sample:



* Each troop meeting includes a formal, serious ceremony that emphasizes the Ideals of Scouting as set out in the Scout Oath and Law, and the obligation of each Scout to live by those Ideals.

* Each troop meeting includes a Scoutmaster's Minute dealing with some aspect of the Ideals.

* At least once a year, the troop participates in a community, religious, council, or district event focused on citizenship, patriotism, duty to God, or other Ideals.



* Scouts are reminded on a regular basis (informal conversation, Scoutmaster Conferences, conflict situations, etc.) that their personal code of conduct in Scouting situations and in everyday life is the Scout Oath and Law.

* At least once a year, the troop participates in a major community service project (for example, Scouting for Food).

* Each year, at least 10 percent of the Scouts in the troop earn the religious emblem of their faith.



* The Scoutmaster, all Assistant Scoutmasters, Merit Badge Counselors in the troop, and all Committee Members and other troop adults who regularly work with boys have taken Youth Protection Training within the last two years.

* All registered adults are trained for their positions within six months.

* The Scoutmaster, all Assistant Scoutmasters, and other interested troop adults meet monthly to discuss issues, skills, and techniques related to working with boys.


When I get a chance, I'll add some more.


Dan K

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We have for several weeks had a thread running that has looked at each of the methods of Scouting.



So far we are only up to advancement.

The thread title is:

So What Do You Do To make The Advancement Method Work?

So far the posting have all been very good and very well thought out.


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