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OA - how does an Adult get elected?

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Looks to me like someone found this thread in the archives and resurrected it.


Ratio for newly selected (note, not elected) adults is 1:50 youth members in a unit or fraction thereof.


Requirement for adults is camping standard and can make a positive contribution to the Order and to the unit by being an adult member.


SE has final decision, most often delegated to staff Adviser to the Lodge.

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jtswestark Just learned of this post even though it is three years old, I thought it needed to be addressed.


Eagle92 It may be just specific to the lodge I belong to in Illinois


John-in-KC same reason given to jtswestark. Just adressing an issue that I made aware of from another poster about laura's question about how to get an adult selected to the OA.

I am currently the only adult OA member in this troop(recently received the Vigil Honor) and I am not a control freak as she has posted. I have and continue to promote the OA in our troop, but can't seem to get those that are currently youth OA members to go to outing or even meetings. They seem to have the idea that getting selected in a right, not an honor or priviledge

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