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My wife and I attended the wedding and reception for a man who earned his Eagle when I was the scoutmaster of his troop some 20years ago.


It was great to see him again. He is a terrific fellow who has two masters degress and heads a dept. at the State University here. We run in different circles so I have not seen him in years.


It was so nice to see how well he and his younger brother who was also in the troop are doing, younger brother (31 years old) is a research scientist for Fermi Labs. anyway it was just great to see them and the kinds of life they have made for themselves. They have nice friends, good jobs, happy, creative people.


Anyway as we wer sitting at the reseption the cousins of the brides mother were sitting near us. We introduced ourselves and they got the biggest smiles on their faces and once said "oh my gosh your the scoutmaster!!! I was in shock. The cousin of the brides mother knew who I was???


They went on about how much they have heard about me from not only the groom but the grooms parents for years. They even knew the story of the great Raccon Hunt. (I'll save that for another day)


Later the bride came over, gave me a big hug and thanked me for the man she got to marry. While I was very flattered I said she owed the hug to his parents and not me. She said "That's not the way they tell it." The rest on the afternoon went much like that with differnet folks coming over to introduce themselves and tell us how much the groom has talked about me over the years. Even the brides parents and the father of the flower girl who is a school teacher/Eagle scout/ Sea Base staffer who wnated to meet me after all the years of stories he had heard.


I still don't know if I had that much to do with it but I have to admit its nice to be remebered that way.





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That's so great to hear! You made more of an impression on him than you thought you did & were a great SM! It also says something that he invited you to his wedding even though you hadn't seen each other in a few years. He will probably tell his future children about you too! It's nice to hear of stories like this.


Regarding the Raccoon Hunt, if it's anything like the "Bear Hunt" that my son's DL took him & the rest of the boys in his den as a Webelos I, it should have been interesting! My son "saw" 3 Bears, which is pretty talented since there aren't any bears on Long Island except for the ones in Cub Scout Packs! :)



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And that just goes to show how much of an impact we can have on other human beings. Bob, I am glad for you. You obviously impacted this man and his family, in such a positive way that they have heralded you to all and while we do not do what we do to receive accolades, it is nice to be remembered in such a great way.


My hat is off to you sir.



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What a blessing that is! It is not often that those who serve have the opportunity to hear how they touched a life, so how wonderful for you to hear this. Thanks for sharing your day, Bob.

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