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2 questions on totin chip before i leave for a campout in about an hour.


1. Is hatchet needed for totin' chip. It is not on the totin' chip card, but i believe that it is necessary. not sure though...


2. To backup to what i teach, are all the rules/safety guidelines listed in the scout handbook.


I have to go pack now, but i will check back before i leave. Please respond quickly if you have an answer.





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Good questions, let's run back over them.


1 - #1 Rule of Thumb, you can't add nor delete requirements. If they are listed on the card, that's what they are. You are welcome to add "additional information" as you'd like, BUT don't add to the requirement. You with me? You want your guys to learn proper hatchet methods? Teach them! You've already got an axe yard up, and a deom area... use your resources. Just don't make this extra info required for the badge.


2 - The manuals are always a good place to start. There are other resources that can help you (The Fieldbook comes to mind, as does various program helps)


I'm sure you'll figure out that the last meeting before the campout is a lot better place to firm things up, but have a great trip and have fun. We're off this weekend to attend our District Camporee, boys are excited, and there's not even any rain in the forcast!!

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