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Record keeping for Ranks, participation etc. is one of one thanksless jobs in scouting. I would like to thank all those who I have known that kept the records straight.


Definitely we need more folks to keep records. And we need to recognize more those who keep the records.


Scouts should be encouraged more to keep their own advancement.



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E54, I agree.

My records-mom is on my case right now about missing campout rosters. She's right - without those basic records we wouldn't be certain who is eligible for OA or not. Not to mention dozens of rank advancements, hundeds and hundreds of MBs, address changes, etc. I appreciate her hard work and attention to detail and next time I see her I'll tell her so. Thanks for reminding us all.

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Reading these posts I can't help but think that some units are making this much harder than it needs to be.


For the most part the scouts should be keeping the details of their own advancement either with their handbooks or the handbooks and the pocket record book. There is also the wall chart that the scouts and the scribe keep. When the comittee advancement person gets involved it is after a BOR or when a MB card is turned in. They fill out the advancement record for council or enter the info into the record keeping software and generate a council record (the latter is better).


Attendance on campouts is done by the scribe and submitted to the advancemnt committee to record.


This is one of the few jobs in scouting that really does take an hour a week, especially if you do not try to do it by yourself.


What am I missing that makes the other posts sound like this is a difficult job?

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