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How are troop numbers determined?

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I'm not trying to sound flippant here, but the answer is "whoever cares the most."


Obviously, you try to avoid using a number that's currently in use by another organization. Beyond that, it's generally pretty open. I've been involved in councils where the first digit is dictated by the council -- i.e., where I grew up, it was district 2. Each pack and troop number began with a 2. This allowed everyone to know where you were from by your troop number.


In other councils, it's pretty wide open. I've worked with some chartered organizations, like the American Legion, where they wanted their troop number to be the same as a post.


In one notable experience, as a unit commissioner, I suggested the number of 705 for a troop chartered to a Pentecostal Temple. They quickly changed it to something else . . . to my credit, I had no idea that The 705 was the popular bar outside the plant where most of the leaders worked. As Pentecostals, they wanted absolutely no connection with that tavern!


I also helped start a Cub Scout pack (the DE did all the work) that took the number 335. The reason they took it was that their organization meeting occurred at 3:35 PM -- which was when school let out and the parents were available!


Not sure if any of this helps, but thanks for letting an old timer share some stories.



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n councils merge, there are more than likely units with the same number. There might a Troop 1 in both councils. So our council when, it formed out of two councils one of the former council's units who had duplicate numbers had a 4 or 40 added to there number, i.e. 32 became 4032 and 120 became 4120. They are still referred to as 32 and 120 but for BSA reporting and databases have 4032 and 4120. They now do not give out any duplicate numbers.

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