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Dual-Registration Headaches!?!

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When you have a Scout that is a member of the Troop AND a V Crew, where does his advancement lie?? It says in the Venturing info I've seen that he can continue to work towards Eagle in his Crew. (i.e. advisor acting as SM, etc..) But he is still registered in our Troop.

I see a mommy-daddy scenario coming down the pike; where a Scout does not perform his duties in the Troop, does not get past the SM conference for rank, and goes to his Crew to get signed off by his Advisor. One of us has to have primary responsibility for his advancement in "Boy Scout" ranks. And Venturing ranks should be done thru his Crew. Does anyone know about these rules? or where I can find some straight answers?

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Yes, a boy can be a member of both a Troop and a Crew/Ship. Yes, if a boy is dual registered he can work on both Boy Scout ranks/awards & Venturing ranks/awards at the same time. No, he can not work on BOTH sets of ranks/awards in the SAME program.


Boy Scouts & Venturing are 2 completely separate programs within BSA. All ranks and awards should be earned within their own program.


Would you ask a Girl Scout Advisor to sign off on one of her scouts Venturing awards or a Venturing Advisor to approve a Girl Scout Silver Award project - of course not. So why would you think it would be any different between a Boy Scout Troop & a Venturing Crew?


The only possible overlap would be if the leader is the scouts leader in BOTH programs & approves some activities (service, leadership, etc) to be used against BOTH programs requirements.


I don't see a boy who has been turned down by his SM for a BS rank going to his VA (who is the same person) & expecting that person to magicaly change their mind because they are wearing the uniform of the other program.


I also, don't see a boy who has been turned down by his BS SM for rank going to his VA (who is not connected with the BS Troop) and expecting this person to sign off on his BS rank.


Neither makes any sense.(This message has been edited by ScoutNut)

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I, personally, would encourage the Scout to continue his advancement work in the troop if he plans to remain active in the troop.


I would also suggest coming to some understanding with both the Scout and his Crew Advisor regarding this issue.


I don't know if there is any actual policy on this, so I would just go with a gentleman's agreement (perhaps in writing, just in case someone forgets) about this.





You are off base. While what you say makes perfect sense, it is not in fact reflected in any policy I have seen.


If a Venturer achieves First Class (or higher) in a troop they may drop out of the troop and continue advancement work (including Eagle) in the Venturing Crew. I don't know why they made it this way, but they did. So a Venturing Crew can award Boy Scout advancements as long as the Venturer recieved at least First Class in a Troop (or Team, I guess).


On the other hand, a Boy Scout Troop can not award any Venturing recognitions.(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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PE - I had heard this, but after checking thru the National site I did not see anything about it.


Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I suppose it could be looked at as a type of "Lone Scout" thing if the boy did in fact drop out of the Troop & still kept his BS registration active. Does the policy say only if the boy drops out of the Troop? Or can he have stuff signed off for BS by BOTH his Troop & Venturing leaders? It seems THAT could get to be a paperwork nightmare!


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As a former District Advancement Chair, I will atesst that a young man can earn Star, Life and Eagle in a Crew if he earned First Class in an Troop or Team. This was the case in the old Exploring Program too. The new Exploring under Learning for Life you may not get Boy Scout ranks.


While a Venturing crew should not plan its program to provide for working on Boy Scout ranks, but to enable young people to earn the Venturing ranks. The young man wishing to finish up his Eagle may do so on his own. He still has to complete it by his 18th birthday, even though Venturing goes till he is 21 and that is the cut off for Venturing ranks.


He may get His Eagle in either the Troop or the Crew it is his choice.


The Venturing book, Venturing training and the District Advancement Guide all make mention that this the policy.


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He can work on it in both units though only one would sign off on his Eagle project. He may use leadership in either unit or in both for the leadership role., but the not at the same time i.e. jan- mar he is pl in the troop and crew president jan - mar no go but jan- mar in troop and apr - june in crew is good. He could have the merit badges awarded by either. Though again for ease of record keeping it would be good to pick one or the other.

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