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My troop is considering building a Scout Hut. But we are not sure where? We have a city park, a local church, or private property we could build it on. The other matter of concern is utilities. Those of you who have scout huts and have gone through this process, could you please shed some light on it? Where are your scout huts? How do you provide utilities?




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I have been the SM of a unit that had a Scout Hut in the City Park. The City paid for the electricity that was used. We didn't have any other utilities. The unit did the maintenance. The CO provided funding as well as the unit for the repairs. I always felt and still do feel that this was and is a bad arrangement but it was convenient.


I would suggest that the CO have full responsibility of such an endeavor, including the utilities. The Scout Hut can then be used for other purposes if the unit folds. Many in the churches like it when the Scouts are out of the main building. The Scout Huts at churches that I have since been acquainted appear to have most of the amenities needed for all types of programs and the Scouts can build furniture that fits their needs.




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The hut would be the property of the chartering Organization, and they would if everything went wrong end up with the hut and any bills that were outstanding or on going (Standing charges for utilities)

If your CO is the church that would be the best arrangement.

I don't know what sort of area the City Park is in but I would worry about vandalism. Private property can cause headaches about ownership, the property would have to be deeded over to the CO or the Council unless there was some sort of rental agreement.

The big thing is to make sure that the CO is aware of what is going on when and they don't one day wake up to find that the troop is gone and they are left holding a Scout Hut that they have no use for.


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Our CO (the Lion's Club - a truly fine organization) had built us a hut for meetings a number of years ago. When the town needed the land, they arranged to move us to a town park with a 25 year lease. The town picks up the electricity and water/sewage.


We haven't had any real problems with vandals, but we do double-lock the doors to keep curiousity seekers out.


This has worked well for us as the Scouts have plenty of room to run around and do activities. One minor problem is that the park is locked after a certain hour and we need to arrange things if we run late. We also have to deal with lots of soccer players in Spring and Fall.


The main negative is that it is a definite limit to our size because of space. But since we can handle up to 50 (squeezing), it's been ok so far.


On the positive, the Scouts decorate it as they like, messy activities (painting patrol boxes, cleaning stuff) is no problem, and the Scouts feel like it is their space.


All in all, a good thing.



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