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I think this post is a rant...so bear with me


A while back I thought it would be a great ideal to pick up a CDL with a P and S endorsement, as some camps will use buses to transport campers to distance program areas....I saw it as a way to be a little more helpful.


Much to me dismay, the county that I hang me hat is so straved for drivers that I got shanghied into a postion as a sub, and now driving more than the regulars...


Here's what life is like on a school bus in a county with nearly zip in the way of Scouting...the biggies are


- First, a School Bus is a combat zone. The bully's and thugs rule the back, and rome the aisle looking for prey.


- With 50 plus souls on board, everyone has a beef with everyone else on the bus. I call it the Squabbles, and everyone one on board has an unwritten social ranking of just how much grief they will get...It's worse on the afternoon runs as everyone is Sugared Up, and pinging off the walls froms the day's supply of junkfood.


- Racism...


- Open sex...


- Parents who really don't care. Even when viewing the viedo's it's not their child causing the problem.


So, after this school year ends so ends my career as a cheese driver. Gonna get me a safer job hauling explosives....


rant off...


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le Voyageur,


I don't blame you one bit! Unfortunately (sp?) school & school buses are not like when I was a kid. I think the authority of teachers & busdrivers have been usurped & some kids think they can do whatever they please. Now, i'm not that old, I'll be 48 in May but there were not the constant distruptions by the same students in the classroom & on the bus as my children have to deal with now. I think it's a real shame. In elementary school the older kids looked out for the younger ones, nowadays it seems the older kids bully the younger ones. Too bad all children can't be involved in Scouting, maybe the world would be a better place. Good luck finding a new job!





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