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Looking for a New Boy Scout Induction Ceremony

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Great question.... A few ideas I know of include:


1. Start a rope where each new Scout adds a small piece of rope to form a ever growing larger rope ... each Scouts rope is added with the Sq. Knot also known as the joing knot...


2. Give the Scoutmaster a hiking staff drill 2 holes in it to hang strings from ... each Scout adds a bead to the stick ....


3. Ive heard of units that make big wooden display things where each Scout has a name placq and hangs it under the apprioriate rank


I hope this gives you some ideas....




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I would try to weave some of your local culture into the ceremony. I would guess that if it is done well, it will become a lasting tradition in the troop.


You may want to tie-in with the Charter Org (common with Churches and civic groups) to reflect the shared values.


If you have some local history that would mesh well with such a ceremony, such as a prominent historical figure or culture, that would be very cool.


I am a big fan of making these things high theatre and solemn. Most of their experiences are more raucus fun. Making a few solemn occasions can make them really stand out.


Maybe a slow drum beat in the background....the Scoutmaster (or other MC) calls each boy in turn...a statement of desires..."What do you wish of Troop xxx"..."I wish to be inducted into the Troop"..."Why do you wish to be inducted?"..."I want to pursue manhood." (or whatever)"What do you bring to the Troop?"..."I bring an open mind, a willing spirit, and a thirst for knowledge."..."Then welcome to the Troop."


This is simply a concept, not a transcript... :)




Or some such

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We give each boy in the troop a 6 foot piece of rope. We present it to them at our first campout. We're going to do some type of presentation this year where all the existing scouts start with their ropes tied together in a circle. They'll then open it up, and have the new scouts join the circle by tying the ropes together.

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Sorry, I wasn't clear. They're just tied together for the ceremony. They keep their ropes. They learn how to tie it in a sinnet and hang it from a belt loop. That way, they always have a rope with them when we decide to work on knots. And, it can serve as a handy tool for emergency purposes.

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