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If they're going for a speed record, I suggest eliminating the use of ropes. Scouts rappel very quickly with nothing to slow them down.


Of course, you won't get many repeat customers


Ouch. That sort of reminds me of the shows my son and I like to watch on the History channel or Discovery channel about military aircraft; we have come to understand what a test pilot means when he says "that'll ruin your whole day." (Basically the same result as rappelling without a rope.)

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No UNC, WE may not have many return customers if we were to go without ropes;)


E, cant wait to meet you as well. I'll plan to give your son two JSP's if I can get ahold of them so you can have one as well;)


About 40 days out...



Anyway, back on topic here-- yes, I'm going to remain on the team here so the Scout influence is still there;)


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