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do leaders where their uniforms on scout sunday?

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In all my years of Scouting, I'm always most amazed by uniform questions. People always seem to be looking for reasons not to wear a uniform. In my experience it is always appropriate for Scouts and Scouter to wear a Scouting uniform at any Scouting function.


I've only been asked to not wear my uniform once. That event was a business FOS breakfast where the requested attire was business casual.

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Oh Yes, should be no question of wearing the uniform on SS, you really should.

Now this is just my personal opinion (not advocating setting a rule, but just MY PERSONAL FEELING, don't care what anyone else does, not critizing anyone else, just my way...) but I've been to many business FOS and other fund raising events when I was a DC and always wore my Scout uniform. It was the regulation Scout pants, long sleeve shirt with green tie. I kept the badges and bobbles to the bare minumum required. I felt I gives the uniform a more "Dress" appearance instead of the "just came from the field" look. We do the same thing in the military. When I go to GO staff functions I don't wear my BDU, TA-50 and kevlar, but my As or Bs. Besides people always come up to you and chat when you have a uniform on, especially a Scout one, sort of a built in trust factor I guess. Just my opinion.

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Not only should you wear your uniform - in Full, baubles, pins, pants etc -


but PLEASE encourage the boys to wear FULL uniform with Badge sash and neckerchief, etc and uniform or dress pants (not jeans) and nice shoes ( not gym shoes!)


Esp as many troops are chartered by churches, those church members like to SEE what the boys are accomplishing. It makes a great ice-breaker between services for the boys to have their pins and badge sashes on, people ask the meaning of the 'baubles' and learn about scouting, or reflect on their own scouting experiences.


For some reason, our boys never balk at wearing their scout uniform shirts for events ( and our troop does not wear a neckerchief; I wish they would!) - but it's like pulling teeth to get them to wear their badge sashes. (someone once told them it was like bragging - they are WRONG - they worked hard for those badges and SHOULD wear them with pride!)



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