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Eagle, or shall I just call you... never mind.


You can start your own thread at your next campout or ceremonial fire, but to join the chain that goes back to the Jamboree / camporee in West Germany or Gilwell park d you need to be present at a campfre to which someone brings ashes with that "pedigree".... The point of the ceremony is to carry from one fire to the next the ashes of our own and other scouts past adventures.


I was most impressed three years ago when a scouter stepped up to the circle and took a very small envelope out of his wallte. He added his ashes to the fire while it was still buring brightly. When I met him the next morning he had representatives from two other troops in tow. He had shown them how to fold an envelope out of a sheet of paper in order to take a spoonful of ashes from their first Campfire Ashes ceremony.


No we take several copies of our up to date list with us whenever we go camping, our unit is pretty well known for doing a good job and are often asked to preside over that portion of the campfire at District events. (Okay, maybe they're just used to our guys asking if anyone has submitted the ceremony in leiu of a skit, song. cheer....


Take care and start your list soon. Our scoutmaster & Assistant brought them home from their training in 1988 and we're still going strong.



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