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Here is the last one I wrote. I try and fit them to one page. Good luck.


Scholarship Committee

National Eagle Scout Association

Boy Scouts of America

1325 West Walnut Hill Lane

Irving, Texas 75015


Dear Sir/Madam:


It is my honor and privilege to recommend XXXXXXXXXX for a National Eagle Scout Association Scholarship.


I have known XXXXXX for nearly ten years, both through his involvement in Scouting and as a neighbor. Over these years, XXXXXX has impressed me with his positive attitude, maturity, concern for others, intelligence, and leadership.


Throughout his Scouting career, XXXXXX has been an inspiration to not only younger boys, but also his peers and adult leaders. Always one of the most active participants in his unit, XXXXXX is blessed with both a strong spirit of service to others and tenacity for personal development. His positive approach and desire to help other Scouts has made him one of the finest leaders in his units long history. Supplementing his natural abilities, XXXXXX has further sought out opportunities to develop his leadership skills through active participation in Council-wide leadership courses and the Boys State program. XXXXXs Eagle Project was certainly a testament to his ability to organize and lead a large community effort, but it is in his deep caring for his fellow Scouts throughout the past decade that has endeared him to his fellow Troop members.


While Scouting has certainly been a major part of XXXXXXs life, his interests and involvement extend far beyond the world of Scouting, making him extremely well rounded. At his school, XXXXXX is a leader both in the classroom and in his athletic pursuits. A perennial straight-A student taking the most difficult classes offered, XXXXX particularly excels in science and art where he has earned several awards and honors. In sports, XXXXXXXs discipline has helped him to become one of our states best long distance runners and his leadership is again evidenced by his being elected captain of the cross country team. As if school, sports and scouts has not kept him busy enough already, XXXXXX has already begun to explore a professional career in engineering.


XXXXXX is truly a remarkable young man and is certainly worthy of your consideration for the NESA scholarships.




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Roger, from the perpective of a person who is currently reviewing such letters (for a different purpose, not BSA) I urge you and others to use such a 'model' very loosely. In such a letter, I never expect to see something negative about the candidate. Nearly all of the candidates have good grades and are superlative in many other ways. Therefore the generic letters usually serve as a check off with little means of ranking them. Unless there is a superlative letter or else the letter is absent, generic letters are neutral.

So I look for evidence that the writer really knows the candidate well. I look for statements that indicate a truly close personal understanding and I give the letters that have that personal touch greater weight than the generic ones. I think it IS possible to write a letter that stands out from the rest. But it requires some work on the part of the writer, and the desire to do it. And THAT is one thing that makes a big difference to me.

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Your letter is a good letter. The point I was trying to make (but evidently flubbed) was that someone else shouldn't take yours and merely fill in the blanks. They should put the same thought into their letter that you did in yours. My most recent letter was for a boy who was Islamic and had shown great character living in a Christian-dominated community. He also had some family interactions that were extraordinary. I tried to work these things in as well as the usual mix of good grades, sports, etc. I suspect that every boy has unique qualities and these are some things that I look for beyond the grades, etc. I apologize if you took my words as criticism, I didn't have that intent.

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