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Interesting idea for appealing to hispanic youth

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Anybody hear of this one?



Boy Scouts of America Launches Soccer and Scouting Program; Initiative Sends Positive Message to Hispanic American/Latino Communities


PR Newswire


IRVING, Texas, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The Boy Scouts of America announces Soccer and Scouting, a program designed to combine the positive youth activities of Cub Scouts with organized soccer. The program is designed for youth traditionally underserved by Scouting, and in particular, Hispanic American/Latino youth, ages 7 to 10, involved in Cub Scouting.


The BSA partnered with Major League Soccer Camps to develop the program, which is divided into four 12-week seasons. The program incorporates both indoor and outdoor soccer components for year-round participation. The BSA developed training and materials on effective soccer coaching, as well as delivering the Cub Scouting program, which includes activities such as core value reflections, safety drills, crafts, and nutrition education. Soccer and Scouting works on the same achievement and requirement paths as other Cub Scout programs, with youth earning the Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos badges, to name a few.


"Soccer is such an integral part of the Hispanic American/Latino culture," said Jose Nino, former president, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Soccer and Scouting program co-chair. "By combining soccer and Scouting, youth and families no longer have to choose between two valuable activities whose impact on their young lives is immeasurable."


Parents are also involved in the Soccer and Scouting program as volunteers and soccer coaches. The program provides Family-Time posters for soccer Cub Scouts and their parents to use as they work together at home on Cub Scouting advancement and soccer skills. The Soccer and Scouting literature comes in both English and Spanish versions. In addition, most of the practices and games in the Soccer and Scouting program are family events. The program provides an opportunity for everyone in the family to learn a better way of life through Scouting.


"Soccer and Scouting allows the BSA to reach this underserved portion of the community," said Roy Williams, Chief Scout Executive, BSA. "The program will help youth learn soccer skills and maintain a continual level of physical activity, as well as learn the lifelong values taught in the Scouting program."


The Boy Scouts pilot tested the program in Denver in June 2004, and participation levels proved to be significant with 250 Cub Scouts from 14 elementary schools. Additionally, the local council realized a 75 percent increase in Hispanic American/Latino attendance at the recruiting meeting in August. Soccer and Scouting currently is being rolled out nationwide with programs in over 65 local Boy Scout councils. The program provides soccer and Cub Scout uniforms through Sporting Essentials, a company licensed by the BSA Supply Division.


Serving nearly 5 million young people between 7 and 20 years of age with 309 councils throughout the United States and its territories, the Boy Scouts of America is the nation's foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Boy Scouts of America



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We've had "Scoutreach" at our council for a couple years (before 2004). It's pretty draining on the funds. :( I have also been told it teaches nothing about scouting, just kids getting together to play soccer (i.e. theres no camping program). I think this is a great idea if it combines the 2 activities, unfortunately i do not see my council doing this. There are no "troops", they do not get involved with the popcorn sale or other council activities.


I think i might educate myself a little more the next time i go to council. I'll let you know more specifics, instead of heresay. ;)




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Sound like a Good Idea. I know I live in Newark, NJ and that something like that might get more boys to join up, gotta wait and see what Council says about it.


BTW Here is a link to the site from National: http://www.scoutingandsoccer.org/


Looks like still being worked on but has Lots of info.




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Interesting idea. I'll have to say I don't have an opinion yet.


I'm just wondering if any thought was given to baseball and scouting given the numbers and interest in baseball in the hispanic community and the fact that Hank Aaron is listed as an Eagle Scout.


One of our scouts actually came up with a great idea for a campout I think we'll try in the spring sometime. During a BOR he mentioned there were many of the boys that like to play sports, but didn't like demands and commitment required to play in the organized youth sports leages in town and that we should have a sports campout where we just played pick up softball, touch football, soccer, etc. Just for fun.

What a concept!


Gee, it's amazing what some of these kids come up with when you ask them a question and really give them a chance to respond.



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I've heard of the initiative and am in favor of anything that introduces scouting to a wider audience. Hispanics are seriously under-represented in BSA and National is trying to figure out how to fix the demographics. Soccer may be a good angle. One problem is that Scouting has not been a part of the culture of many recent immigrants - just a familiarity thing. Another may be that many recent Hispanic immigrants are wary of para-military uniforms and official organizations.

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