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What is a lightweight stove

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Why do I feel that this is going some place else?

A stove:

1 a : a portable or fixed apparatus that burns fuel or uses electricity to provide heat (as for cooking or heating) b : a device that generates heat for special purposes (as for heating tools or heating air for a hot blast)


having less than average weight.

Back in the day, when I was serving as a Scoutmaster, we looked at many different stoves that our Scouts could use on hikes. At the troop level we didn't go in much for extended hikes and most weekend hikes were 12 -15 miles. We tended to go for the stoves that were fueled by Butane (Camping Gaz, was big all over Europe) The stoves were fairly cheap, the fuel was easy to use with little risk to the Scouts.

As a Venture Scout I hiked the Pennine Way.(270 miles!!) As we were older than the Lads in the troop we used stoves that were fueled by Kerosene, which was a lot cheaper than the Butane and didn't leave us packing out empty gaz containers.

There are solid fuel stoves and alcohol stoves out there, I really have never used them.

The big thing about these stoves is knowing how they work and following the safety precautions. The G2SS and the BSA has policy's on fuels that do need to be followed. Some Councils are a little fussy about what sort of stoves they will allow to be used on properties that they own or manage.

Not trying to hijack the thread but hiking the Pennine Way is a great activity for a small Venture Crew, even if it does seem to rain every day!! Air fares are not that expensive and the hike goes through some very sparely populated and remote areas of the UK. Along the way you are sure too meet some really interesting and really neat people.


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MSR Whisperlite - requires fule bottle filled with fuel.


Zip Stove - electrical, requres a 9v battery to spin the fan. Mines modified with a solar cell...will burn pine cones like crazy


Tuna Can stove - very lightweight, burns pricy alcohol, not efficent for groups larger than one


If you're really desperate for a stove, head down to the local Big Box home repair store, and buy a small bottle of propane gas that has the torch attachment (used to solder and sweat copper pipes). It'll boill water like a champ....

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Go to REI.com and look at backpacking stoves. Tuna can stoves and pepsi can stoves are for the ultralights. Save that day for when you are weighing your pack to the nearest 0.5 oz.


The big fight betwwen backpacking stoves is canister and liquid fuel. I have canister stoves manily because I didn't want liquid fuel to spill or otherwise casue trouble. Liquid fuels are cheaper to run, burn hotter and operate at higher elevations. But when reading about liquid fuel stoves, they always discuss how easy they are to clean in the field. (?)



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