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What'd you get for Christmas?

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So did you all get? I know, greedy, greedy;)


Anyway.. do Scouts and Other....




Streamlight LED/Xeonon headlamp

Petzl Tikka Plus LED headlamp (will be returned to REI for more spending;))

Boy Scouts of America official uniform trousers:) First pair

Boy Scouts of America red patch blanket

Boy Scouts of America FieldBook

Ozark Trails Self-inflatable sleeping pad

Camo/black winter gloves (being returned for other objects)




Portable CD player with AA batteries

Toby Keith's Greatist Hits 2

Ozark Trails Expandable duffle bag

In stocking, a camo "Support Our Troops" ribbon

Yellow "Until They all Come Home" bracelet

Rechargable AA batteries and a 15 minute charger

Nice, dress-up blue shirt and a maroon tie and a striped tie

"National" t-shirt (All-Star Game MLB 04) with Pujols on back

"USA" shirt



$50 bill.


Grandma said we got less gifts this year, but more cash instead.


So, how about you guys?

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Her Who Must Be Obeyed surprised me with a seven week old pure breed Golden Retriever. I think that there is a method to her madness I have to have yet another surgery on my back, next week. The little guy who we have called Rory, will get me up and moving!!

Sad to say our other two dogs don't seemed overjoyed with the new addition.

We are still looking for a middle name for him.


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I won't take up space with a list of goodies that I got.....

But Her Majesty whom WAKWIB serves, has allowed the humble WAKWIB to attend a camp staff reunion tomorrow night. Much fun will be had by all. I suppose I should consider that a gift of major magnitude!!!

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I never seem to make the time to go to the movies. I did go more this year than in past years. Yes I think I went twice.

Anyway we all gave each other piles of movies. I was up late last night watching a double feature (Boy does that make me seem old!! I watched two Tom Hanks movies: The Terminal. Which was good but not as good as I thought it was going to be.I also watched; Cath me if you can, which was far better than I thought it was going to be.


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Eamonn, the middle name should be Calhoun, then the little fella's name would be Rory Calhoun XXX, beleive me, that cracks me up.


Hops, Having lived through the great 2004 Cinncinati Christmas Confusion and got into Newark rather than the home airport, I dont need to see The Terminal, I lived it!

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My gifts were perfect! Everyone knows I am spending more time outside now with the scouts so the key for me was warmth. I received (among other things) a new coat (warmest one I have ever had), new gloves, and new boots. I am a very cold natured person so these were just perfect. I also got a bottle of the perfume that I love but am too cheap to buy for myself. :)

On the flip side, my son (wolf cub) received a tent, 2 sleeping bags, binoculars, camp chair, and a lantern.

I hope you all had a great Christmas too.


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I was given gift certificates for scrapbook supplies so I may continue my hobby guilt free :) I also received some gloves and fleece shirts--great for hiking and much needed as it's c-c-c-old!


Husband and sons received compasses, wool socks, lanterns, flashlights (even one that straps to the head--very cool), and various other camping/outdoor items.


My greatest joys were seeing my children's happy faces when they received the special things they asked Santa for, sharing traditions from a generation and two ago, and playing with the kids' new toys, especially the princess dolls. Oh, to be a kid again!!

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The troop had a Christmas Party on the 20th. I gave each scout a gift. Some got combo Knife, Spoon, Fork for the Jambo, some got compasses, some got knife sharpeners. I have done this for the last eight years. I told the Scouts that our last outing together before I retire as Scoutmaster is a movie with me. I am going to take them to the local movie house and pay for a movie, popcorn, and drink. It will be a good memory to see their faces when we go. The hard part is picking the movie. Hopefully, the parents will help pick. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.


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Thanks OGE,

The little guy now has a middle name Calhoun.

I'm going to see if Won Ton Ton, the dog that saved Hollywood is available.

Rory Calhoun, yes it sounds good.

Poor little fellow has had a busy day and is now napping, as is everyone else. - Boy this is a fun filled house.


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