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All I want for Christmas is............

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cash, cash, cash.


Just kiddin' folks. But I've never turned down cash :)


The thing I want for Christmas is that my family stays healthy and happy. I've got everything I need. Also hope that those who are in need find or get what they need.


Merry Christmas (Jesus is the reason for the season)



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An "earnable" religious award for adults within each of the Religious Orgs.


The "by nomination" types are fine and deserving of their huge respect. But, I think, if there were earnable RA's for adult Scouters, we would see a dramatic increase in the number of Scouts who pursue and earn the Religious Awards -- the end result -- Many more Scouts demonstrating growth and learning within their own Faiths.


Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!

Happy New Year!!


jd(This message has been edited by johndaigler)

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I hear you, torribug.


My Christmas wish is so selfish I fear it may take me a few degrees closer to h*ll.


I want my older son to spend Christmas in Kuwait.


He got there a couple days ago to find his company is scattered from hither to yon. He's got a few days in-processing and then, who knows?


I just hope he can spend Christmas there at camp with a good meal, cheerful companionship, and maybe some entertainment. I remember those wonderful USO tours Bob Hope used to do. We sure miss that good man.


I hope you get a phone call AND a letter!

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I don't need any more shirts

I've got plenty of socks.


I have all the electronics I want

and the DVD's that I need.


What I really want for Christmas

will come from all the world . . .


Peace on the earth

and to all a good night!


Bless you all.


I apologize for the lousy attempt at poetry, but I really do have enough stuff.



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