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BOOTS - Brotherhood Of Old Tired Scouts

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The group calls themselves ‘BOOTS’, which they say stands for Brotherhood of Old Tired Scouts, and they have been hiking and biking through the trails at Cameron Park for nearly 30 years, training for camping trips and helping maintain the park.

“We have an adventure group,” Scott Littrell, known as ‘Mad Dog’ to his friends, said. “We go out twice a year on adventures, but we hang around a lot together. We mountain bike, we hike, we maintain trails, we fish, you name it, outdoorsy stuff.”

He said the group formed out of their sons’ boy scout troop around 27 years ago.

“It started with Troop 497,” Littrell said. “We had kids about the same age. After they all got their Eagle Scouts, the dads had all this camping equipment, and we decided it would be more fun without the kids just to go camping. We recruited people along the way.”


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