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Scouts embrace a Shared History with France - CBS

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On of those "what if" things for me.  I was an ASM for a troop at Spangdahlem AB in the sixties, predating I believe the Normandy COR.  But it would have been on our radar for sure if was there when it happened.  As it turned out, I was moved anyway to a remote sight with no scouting, and only seven of us.  Later I took a pass to France, but did not get to Normandy, though wish I had now.  I did visit the Luxembourg cemetery, and the one at Cambridge in England.  The first one, Luxembourg was a real eye opener for me, as I had yet to see Pearl or Arlington.  Cambridge is unique in that it has a huge wall with names engraved on it; all men and a few women that were lost in the Atlantic from sunken ships and downed planes.  When I did go to Arlington in 85 with our Jambo troop, I noted a somberness that overcame most of the scouts and leaders, especially those with Veterans as leaders.  I watched one Scouter stand just a ways back from the Wall, near the two statue guards and bow his head.  His scouts gave him space, and then he walked to the Wall and found a name or maybe more, bowed his head again and finally turned and walked away.  The look on the faces of the Scouts was respect and sympathy.  I have a photo of myself reflected in the Wall looking at the name of a HS friend, and you can see me with his name in the reflection.  A very cool picture.  That is why we try to always participate in local Veteran related activities, especially Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.

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