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I've run across a couple of Scouting podcasts that remain freshly updated:

  • Scouting on Purpose:  Mark Cherry's presentation could use some pep & sound production, but his heart is in the right place
  • Scouter Stan:  Stan Richards provides over 180 short subject episodes (5-10 min. apiece) as an "Online Scouting Commissioner Podcast", but are a great resource for all Scouters.

Alas, two of my old favorites appear destined for the worldwide web graveyard:

  • Bobwhite Blather hasn't been updated in nearly a year
  • ScoutmasterCG at least used to partially resolve, but now returns nothing at all ... too bad as Clarke Green's wisdom, tips, and infographics were invaluable.

Do you have any favorites that remain fresh?

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I’ve enjoyed Scout On Chattanooga. https://www.cherokeeareabsa.com/podcast . A lot is hyper local, but I like their chemistry enough to listen. 

I was irritated with Scouter Stan when he specifically gave out incorrect uniform advice. If I recall it might have been a recruiter strip for adults and maybe a district patch. 

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