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Former Camp Steiner rebranded by new lessee as Sunrock High Adventure Base (Uinta Mts, UT)

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Shad Stevens’ longtime dream has been to secure a property where youth can disconnect from society and reconnect with their lives.

“The dream is that we have a mountain that is able to bring youth groups from all different types," he said. "Our mission is to play with purpose, or have adventure with purpose. So our dream is that we use the mountain to help inspire young people.”

“That's my purpose. It's what I was built for. It's why I'm here," he said. "I see the unique issues our youth face in our society. And I see so much of the solution of what they're dealing with is to spend time away from it. And nowhere better to spend time than a camp like this.”

Last year, he learned the Boy Scouts of America would not renew its U.S. Forest Service special use permit at Camp Steiner. The 93-year-old camp has deep roots in the Uinta Mountains and at 10,400 feet, was the second-highest Scout camp in the world according to BSA. He said it was considered the “Flagship Camp” of the Great Salt Lake Council and was always the first camp to fill up. :huh:

The newly christened Sunrock High Adventure Base rests on the shores of Scout Lake. The property boasts staggering views of Bald Mountain, Reid’s Peak and Hayden Peak, with more than 30 lakes within a 10-mile radius...


More at Source including audio and photos:


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I hope they make it work. They will be forced to figure out how to do it without merit badges. That could be a good learning experience for other camps.

I wonder what kind of program they'd put on for scout units. My old troop has gone to Bear Lake, which also has little to do with the BSA anymore, and the scouts really liked it.

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Today there was a more detailed interview with photos by KSL. Shad Stevens is an Eagle Scouts:

“I grew up in it. I was a very young Eagle Scout. It was my life as a young man. I got my Eagle Scout when I was 13 years old and then I served in Order of the Arrow and with other organizations, served on junior leadership training camps and a lot as a young man,” Stevens said. “Then after I got married and came back, I immediately became a scoutmaster  and served in scouting for 20 years as a scout leader in one capacity or another.”

“Last year and my wife and I went up and toured it and just immediately fell in love with what’s there and knew that this was our future,” Stevens said.


Source link below.  Note the maintenance and building restrictions on historical property mentioned.  I suspect that was a factor in BSA not renewing lease.


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