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Roundtable Pre-Opening Ideas

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Hello Everyone,


Im helping out with our Roundtable next month, and was asked to do the Pre-Opening part of the Roundtable. I dont have the Program Helps book which I know will help out a lot but Im looking for any ideas or links that some people here in Hawaii havent see yet that are not very hard to do. Thanks, in advance.






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Our RT doesn't get much of a budget from District; so fund raising to underwrite our annual Program Fair is one of our ongoing things.


At our January RT, pre-opening will be "Pie the Staff" $5 donation gets a chance to shove a whipped cream pie in the face of the either the incoming or outgoing DCs, or one from the RT Commish and her staff.


The staff can "buy out" of a pie: $10 a pop.


We also have one Scoutmaster: He's a wonderful guy, but he's also the Scouter everyone loves to round on: The fee to pie him is $25.


We'll do this from 7-730 on RT night.


Ongoing features of RT pre-opening include the Patrol Box (food for folks running from work to RT) and coffee and cookies.


John(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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