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Oakville Tim

Worth falling on the spear?

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All these responses are extremely interesting, and I am grateful to you all for your veteran perspectives! Makes me do a mental checklist about our own Pack.


I don't know if you encountered this, but our CO is the public school PTO and not once has it ever shown any interest in our Pack -- or our Girl Scout troop either, for that matter. The PTO has never had any role in our program. I have to think anyone in the PTO who has any interest in BSA would have her/his kid already in the Pack.


Still, Fuzzy Bear has good advice -- never take anything for granted.


I liked the suggestion about having a mandatory parent meeting without the Pack's soon-to-be-graduating hierarchy, for the purpose of finding the next CM, ACM and CC. It seems logical, with our group, that so long as the remaining parents SEE the hierarchy still here they are not likely to have any interest in succeding the hierarchy.


At our district's fall campout, I what-ifd to our Web2 leader, wistfully, that what ought to happen with our Pack is: At the end of B&G, our hierarchy walks out the door, and the Pack 'stops' right then and there... and no events take place in March... which in turn would get Little Bobby asking his parents, 'Why isn't there any Scouts anymore??' Which MAYBE in turn would get the parents thinking.


The guidelines on how to select leaders in the Cub Scout Leader Book are something I myself am guilty of never reading. I just know I found myself 'drafted' back when my son was a Tiger. I was not screened or anything -- I might've been an ax murderer, for all the hierarchy knew. It is no more exact a process in our Pack, all these years later, I'm sorry to say. Ours is clearly a pretty loosely run ship!

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