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Webelo Scouts do their Conservation Good Turn - build and locate an Owl box.

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“The scouts met at the beginning of the year and reviewed a range of topics” said Scout Leader Joshua Curry. “They reviewed elements of ‘Conservation Good Turn’. We encouraged them to achieve something bigger than themselves. Eventually they settled on building a habitat for birds.”


“This was a relatively large and challenging project for 4th and 5th graders” said Curry. The scouts acquired plans for a suitable habitat, collecting materials and tools, building the component parts, and finally assembling all the pieces and installing it in the park.


“The kids were inspired to do worthwhile things and to achieve their goals” he said. “Youngsters are not always challenged to go beyond simple community services. This just shows how capable our kids are to engage, with a bit of supervision and encouragement, in more difficult and complex tasks for the community.”

More at source, including great photos of scouts!


Scout Salute on their Good Turn.

P.S. Looks like an Owl Abode Kit or something similar was used.

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