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Lord Michael Baden-Powell, 4th Baron of Gilwell (1940-2023)

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From Scouts Australia

It is with deep sadness that we inform our Scouting family of the passing of Lord Michael Baden-Powell, a dear friend to all in our movement. The grandson of the Founder of Scouting, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron of Gilwell, Michael succeeded as the 4th Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell on December 28, 2019, after the death of his brother Robert.

Michael’s profound commitment to Scouting was evident in his unwavering dedication to grassroots-level involvement. He wholeheartedly believed that attending Scouting events and engaging directly with Scout Groups during Section nights or special occasions was where he could give the most back to the movement he held dear.

Michael’s love for Scouting was boundless, and it shone brightly through his infectious smile and the sparkle in his eyes. He found immense joy in immersing himself in the Scouting experience, forging deep connections with Scouts from all walks of life.

Beyond his role as a noble ambassador, Michael selflessly dedicated his time and energy to the movement he cherished. He attended an enormous number national events and international events, leaving an enduring impact on Scouts around the world. His involvement extended beyond borders, as he served in various esteemed positions such as a B-P Fellow, a member of the World Scout Foundation, the Baden-Powell Foundation of Australia, and the Victorian Scout Foundation. Additionally, he served as a patron and close friend of Scout Heritage Victoria.

Michael’s commitment to Scouting was reflected in his roles as a Scout Leader in the UK before migrating to Australia, where he continued his service in key positions within the Victorian Scout Branch. Michael was also a beloved member of Baden-Powell Lodge, where he embraced the principles of fellowship and service as a past Master.

more at  Scouts Australia




Cheerful with an ever optimistic look towards the future of Scouting and Scouts. - a Scouter's Scouter. 

Have any Scouters around our campfire have stories about him? Please post.

Scout Salute and Farewell,






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A Pillar of Scouting whom I met once. Simply no equal to my knowledge in the Scouting Movement.

He was the exemplary example of the "Charity of the Scouting Soul." He has no equal other than BP himself.


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I met Lord Michael Baden-Powell some years ago at a Scouting Museum in the Midwest. I was invited to a reception for him at a museum. I expected some pompous, entitled British aristocrat fresh off a World-Class Brownsea event in England, disdaining his attendance at a museum reception in the states. (I learned he willingly accepted the invitation, coming from England to the Midwest on his way home to Australia.)

I think he was 72 then.  For 4 or 5 hours he greeted the reception line…with an incredible level of enthusiasm, which I have never seen exhibited anywhere b.y anyone.

"Your name, Scout?" "Ahhh, Tim, I am so glad to meet you." (Shaking the Scout's hand-engaging the Scout's eyes.)

"What do you enjoy most of Scouting?"  "Of course, you are like so many. Wonderful things…"

"I see you are a First Class Scout. Excellent."

"And you plan to work toward Eagle?" "And you should."

"I have a small gift for you (and he did)." Presenting it to the Scout. (He had an entire table set up with gifts for several hundred Scouts.)

"Keep making progress on your advancement…"

And the next scout, "Your name, Scout?…"

And so it went…

Hour after hour after hour-about 5 hours without break.

I have never seen such an enthusiastic demonstration of the Scout Law principles of:  Loyal, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, and Cheerful, in one sitting for so long, ever.

I was stunned.

Lord Michael Baden-Powell was an uncommon man by birth, but a common man by touch. Everyone was charmed by him.

The event started about 5 pm, and we finally got to the restaurant (I was invited as a friend of the museum founder) at 10:30 p.m.

In my humble opinion, there will likely never be another more vibrant or effective supporter Scouting than Lord Michael Baden-Powell.

A titan has been lost, and the world has darkened a bit-and slowed.

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Lord Michael Baden-Powell autographed the first book I ever bought-my Scout Handbook.

And for those who doubt the importance of the "role-model" model, I was an adult when I met him (10 years ago?) and I remain impressed, motivated, and inspired to this day.

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