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National Executive Board Elected 2023

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The Annual Election of the National Executive Board of the National Council of the BSA was held October 13, 2023. The slate of 47 members includes the reelection of 36 members and the election of 11 new members, eight of whom were recommended by BSA local councils. The BSA thanks 27 board members who are retiring and six who continue to serve the movement as emeritus board members as we downsize the board and implement term limits and other measures.

Note: The 48th and last member is an unnamed abuse survivor.

Click here for here for a complete listing of newly elected National Executive Board members and to view the Governance and Nominating Committee report which includes detailed information on the recent governance changes.

The BSA’s National Executive Board 2023

Council Nominees for NEB (8 nominated, 8 elected?)

Gary Crum, Laramie, WY

Kaleen Deatherage, Portland, OR

Vincent LaPadula, Greenwich, CT

Ricky Mason, New York, NY  (CEO Search Committee member)

David Scott, Omaha, NE

Danny Van Horn, Memphis, TN

Dale Werts, Edgerton, MO

Degas Wright, Decatur, GA


NEB Nominees for NEB (3 nominated, 3 elected?)

Andrew Miller, Boulder, CO   (CEO Search Committee member)

Robert Greene, Washington, DC

Larry Simkins, Missoula, MT


Continuing Board Members (36 nominated, 36 elected?) , At least eleven are also members of the 14 member National Executive Committee.

Glenn Adams, Fort Worth, TX

David Alexander, Phoenix, AZ

Bray Barnes, Toms River, NJ

Scott Beckett, Charlotte, NC

Keith Clark, Lemoyne, PA

Charles Dahlquist, St. George, UT

Devang Desai, Coral Gables, FL  (National Executive Committee member)

Jack Furst, Flower Mound, TX  (National Executive Committee member)

Gordon Gee, Morgantown, WV

Jenn Hancock, Kyle, TX


Lyle Knight, Billings, MT

Frank McAllister, Mesquite, NV

Dave Moody, Lithonia, GA

Ellie Morrison, Waco, TX

Jose Nino, Montgomery Village, MD

Dan Ownby, Houston, TX  (immediate past National Chair so National Executive Committee member )

Lou Paulson, Walnut Creek, CA

R. Doyle Parrish, Raleigh, NC

Tico Perez, Orlando, FL

Jeanette Prenger, Weatherby Lake, MO


Frank Ramirez, Fort Collins, CO

Jim Rogers, Reno, NV

Nathan Rosenberg, Laguna Beach, CA  (National Executive Committee member)

Bill Rosner, Orlando, FL  (CEO Search Committee member)

Jim Ryffel, Fort Worth, TX

Alison Schuler, Albuquerque, NM  (National Executive Committee member) (CEO Search Committee member)

Michael Sears, Annapolis, MD  (National Executive Committee member)   (CEO Search Committee member)

Wesley Smith, Piedmont, CA

Scott Sorrels, Alpharetta, GA  (National Commissioner, National Executive Committee member) (CEO Search Committee member)

Thear Suzuki, Dallas, TX   (National Executive Committee member) (CEO Search Committee member)


Brad Tilden, Seattle, WA  (National Chair, National Executive Committee member) (CEO Search Committee member)

Frank Tsuru, Houston, TX (National Executive Committee member, former National Chair)

Jim Turley, Saint Louis, MO  (National Executive Committee member)  (CEO Search Committee member)

Gary Wendlandt, New York, NY

Jim Wilson, McLean, VA

Tom Yarboro, Goldsboro, NC


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November 6, 2023:

"The BSA’s CEO search process began in the spring of 2023 with the selection of Korn Ferry, which used a robust and inclusive process involving a range of BSA stakeholders. This group, which included representatives from throughout our movement including youth, scout executives, and BSA alumni, was tasked with providing feedback to inform the search. In late October, the chief scout executive selection committee unanimously selected Krone to present to the BSA’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Executive Board (NEB).

“Roger Krone has spent his entire career transforming complex businesses and preparing them for what lies ahead,” said Brad Tilden, who serves as the BSA’s national chair. “His experience, combined with his personal passion for scouting, will enable him to look at a familiar organization in new ways and find innovative approaches to welcoming more youth into the adventure of Scouting. Our movement could not be more excited to welcome him as our new leader.”

Korn Ferry has previously recruited Girl Scout executives, e.g., Sofia Chang and has a senior partner Lorraine Hack as a Member-at-large on the 30 member GSUSA National Board of Directors.




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