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Limits on Camp food costs

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The old goat patrol (adults) decided to use our cooking as a challenge to raise the quality of meals to get the boys to cook something other than eggs in a bag and hot dogs.


Each campout we plan meals that stay within the $10-12 range and they are great. Pot roast, deep dish pizza, turkey in a trash can. The boys come over and you can tell they want our food.


We show them how to cook it. We let them "taste" it. We have made a old goat cook book of items we have done. It even has an estimated cost for the meal.


We now have patrols planning more detailed menus.


AND they can be done for under $12.


Bottom line, there are some great meals that can be done on a campout without it being Lobster or Primerib.

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We pretty much duplicate what mich632 does. The the patrols determine what their food budget will be for the campout (usually $10.00). The Patrol Cook does the shopping along with his parents. If he runs over the budgeted amount he has two choices 1. Beg his Patol Mates to fork over additional money or 2. Pay the overage out of his own pocket. They learn fairly quick (parents much slower) to shop wisely.

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