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Legal settlements and abuse

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I sort of don't believe we're ploughing this dirt again, but there is little I don't believe about this situation after enduring the last 1294 days. All of the societal norms and reporting jumbo

Just releasing the IVF to the public was not a reasonable course of action.  The IVF contains not only names of suspected CSAs but also others who had done things to have their membership permanently

I watched it too, also after consideration and preparation. For once, I am going to have an opinion that diverges from my brother John. As always, the survivors were excellent and their rete

"Sept 19 (Reuters) - The Boy Scouts of America’s $2.46 billion settlement trust has begun sending payments to men who were abused as children by troop leaders, under a bankruptcy settlement still facing appeals from a minority group of abuse survivors.

The initial payments are being sent to 7,000 claimants who chose a "quick pay" option under the Boy Scouts of America's bankruptcy plan, with the first 70 (second source stated 60 - RS) claimants paid on Tuesday. Those claimants will receive $3,500 without going through the lengthier evaluation process that awaits 75,000 others who filed claims."

More at sources:



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